5 Creative Pet Beds For Pet Comfort At Home

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Dog in suitcase bed

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Pet comfort at home is a priority for pet owners. Here are some creative upcycling ideas for dog and cat beds that add character and comfort.


Sometimes the dog beds sold at the pet store just don’t go with your interior design. Instead of settling for a large tan pillow that your dog loves but that you’d rather not have to look at, use one of these DIY ideas to create an adorable dog bet that doubles as a living room accessory!

1. An old drawer

This is good for small to medium-sized dogs, depending on what kind of fixture the drawer came from. Make sure you get one that’s at least 4 inches deep to provide sturdy sides for your furry friend’s bed. Paint the outside of it a fun color that matches your living room decor. Then place a pillow (or several!) in the bottom covering all the wood. Add a blanket, and voila.

2. A broken suitcase

If you don’t have any broken hard shell suitcases, don’t worry. You can probably find a suitable one in a thrift shop for cheap. Select a case you like, or refurbish your existing suitcase with new fabric, stencils, or paint. Then you can either find a pillow, make a pillow, or put your existing fabric dog bed into the bottom of the suitcase.

3. A small cabinet

When you’re strapped for space in a small apartment, it can be a huge pain to keep tripping over your dog’s bed. An end table, your ottoman, or your TV stand might just be the perfect solution. As long as you don’t need the underneath part for storage, you can unhook the door and take off the hinges to create an open space. Then fit your existing dog bed inside, or get some new pillows and blankets to create a cuddly nest. Depending on the size of your cabinet, this can work for most dog sizes.

4. An upside-down stool or table

Only use a small end table if you try this option, otherwise it’ll take up too much space on your floor. Take the cushion off the top of a stool and flip it over. Paint the sides and the legs a color or a pattern that matches your decor, and place a matching pillow in the hollow. It only works for small dogs (or cats!) but the legs of the stool extending into the air give the bed the feel of a four-poster fit for royalty.

5. Your old sweaters

You don’t have to enclose your dog’s bed inside anything to make it look cute. Your old shirts and sweaters will make a great DIY sewing project. Cut them into squares and sew them into one cohesive piece of fabric. Then, depending on the size of your dog and your prowess at sewing, you can create a dog bed from scratch by finding a cute pattern at your local fabric store, or just make a slip cover and cover your dog’s current bed.

These custom creations will delight your best pal and will look great in your living or bedroom. Don’t forget to incorporate your old dog bed into the project to save on materials!






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