5 Creative Ways To Use Reclaimed Wood

pallet table

(image: Mark Welker)

Reclaimed wood from pallets and other sources can prove to be useful, once you’ve cleaned them up. Here are 5 decor ideas to consider.


Reclaimed wood as a decorative choice grows in popularity each year. It offers a rustic style while also enabling people to demonstrate their creative flair. You are probably considering it for your own home. Once you’ve cleaned it up, here are five creative ways to use reclaimed wood.

1. Pallet kitchen table

One of the strengths of reclaimed wood is that it’s multi-purpose by nature. You can easily stack a few mismatched planks together and suddenly create something new and fresh. While a conventional table features a single flat surface, a reclaimed wood one would involve a lot of ridges and nooks.

As long as you’re fine with the uneven surface, building a pallet table is easy to do. Simply link several planks of reclaimed wood to craft a pallet for the top and bottom of the surface. Then, join the sides with a pair of longer beams. Use a conventional deck sealer once you’re done, and you’ll have a rustic pallet table capable of indoor and outdoor use.

2. Pallet coffee table

This process is similar to the one above, but you can skip a step if so inclined. You can find reclaimed wood that is already a pallet if you want to reduce the DIY element. Take two pre-built pallets and screw them together on top of one another. You’ll need a few larger blocks of wood to stabilize the structure, but it’s not a difficult process at all. The end result is a unique coffee table that doesn’t need any books on it to foster discussion.

3. Novelty light fixture

Home skylights and tracking lights are a dime a dozen in the suburbs. Use reclaimed wood to distinguish your living space. Find a large, perfectly balanced timber beam. You’ll want to tether and secure it to the ceiling of your home, so a vaulted ceiling works best for this suggestion. With the extended wood piece locked in place, hang some wired lightbulbs on it by wrapping the cords around the beam. You’ll have a daring showcase of lights that will dazzle your guests.

4. Slab dining table

Think about the giant oak trees that you’ve watched fall to the harsh elements of nature. Those majestic trees may die when harsh winds knock them down, but you can make some of their wood live on in a fashionable manner. Find a sturdy piece of reclaimed wood that is six to eight feet in diameter and long enough to host a set of dining room chairs. Sanitize the wood and attach it to a metal base. You’ll have the coolest dining table in your neighborhood.

5. Wood shelves

Storage space is a constant concern in every home. You can add capacity while enhancing the appearance of your home. All you need to do is add some reclaimed wood that will hide your newfound storage space in plain sight. You can either add a few single planks by nailing them to the wall or build entire shelves.

Repurpose for a personalized touch

Reclaimed wood is soaring in popularity due to its utility. It’s easy to find and easier yet to repurpose into brilliant, trendy furniture pieces. Follow the tips above and your home will become the envy of all your guests.


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