5 Creative Ways To Use Your Empty Fireplace

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candles in the fireplace

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If your non-functioning fireplace is getting you down, or if you’re just not using it for its intended purpose this summer, don’t let it take away from your home’s décor. Instead, why not turn your empty fireplace into a functional, interior design-savvy focal point in your home?

Here are five ways to make the most of an empty fireplace

1. Create an artistic arrangement

Your unused fireplace doesn’t have to be thought of as waste of space. Think of it as your personal artistic canvass, a place that could serve as a home for tastefully arranged knick-knacks, photos, pottery, decorative bottles, plants, or really anything you have to hand. Every space in your home counts. Give your empty fireplace some life of its own, and use your creative brain to get it there. And if you manage to de-clutter at the same time, then that’s a bonus, right?

2. Create a secret storage compartment

An unused fireplace is a perfectly working storage compartment. So, take “the glass is half full” approach to your non-functioning fireplace by utilizing the space for your storage needs.

Once properly cleaned, a fireplace makes a perfect storage cubby for everything from pillows and blankets to board games and shoes. And, to hide your little storage cubby from the outside world, simply place a framed picture, bushy floor plant, or bench in front of the opening.

3. Create a candelabra cave

Returning your fireplace to its former bright, burning glory is as easy as placing a group of candles inside. Arranging tiered rows of tasteful, elegant candles in your fireplace not only looks beautiful but it’s also a relatively safe place to have an open flame in your home. And, it’ll look just as pretty unlit.

4. Create a space for your favorite books

Three upright surfaces and a few wooden boards are all you need to make a bookshelf, which is why your broken fireplace is the perfect candidate. Before you go gathering supplies, you first need to measure the width and depth of your fireplace.

Once you have your boards, you need to decide how many and what size books you’re going to store in your fireplace. As for shelf spacing, don’t worry about installing mounting brackets because old bricks make great shelf support spacers for the perfect fireplace book nook.

5. Create a log arrangement

A fireplace is made to hold logs, so don’t deny your fireplace its purpose. Go the log route by creatively arranging logs in the same way you’d think about arranging flowers, or anything with a distinctive shape. Whether you cut up last year’s Christmas tree or use a traditional stack of split logs, you really can’t go wrong with natural wood in your fireplace.

As an added benefit, woods like natural pine and cedar have a great scent. Add these woods to your fireplace and you’ll turn that non-functioning hole in the wall into a fragrant, beautiful focal point.

A place for your ideas

If the empty fireplace blues are getting you down, use the above tips to turn your fireplace into a usable space. The common thread is that if you’ve decided not to use your fireplace for the conventional purpose, then it doesn’t mean you’ve got to suffer a gaping hole in your decor. This is your home, your fireplace, your rules.

What ideas have you pursued your self for your empty fireplace? Tell us all about it in the comments section.


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