5 Design Elements That Bring a Room Together

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Creating the perfect look for your home boils down to five things — just five. And once you have mastered these five, you can turn any home into a space that feels like home. It doesn’t matter if you live in a log cabin in the middle of nowhere or keep house in a fine modern apartment in the heart of the city, these same five elements apply. So without further ado, let’s dive into what it takes to make your house a home!

1. Good lighting

No matter where you live, no matter what the layout of your home is, there is one thing that it absolutely must have: Light. Start with natural light, as that is the most flattering of all illumination you could possibly bestow on any corner of your house. If you have several windows, fantastic! Dress them up with sheer curtains or leave them unadorned to bring in more light.

attic bedroom skylight

If you can add a skylight that opens up an interior room with a flood of light, go for it. Once you have done all you can with the windows, don’t forget the decor that adds more sparkle to the place. Tasteful lamps scattered around a room are much more restful and attractive than overhead lighting. Add mirrors to a room to reflect some of that light for even more style.

2. Look under your feet

A fine floor can do wonders for any decor. If you are fortunate enough to have wood floors, keep them in tip-top shape. Choose area rugs that enhance the color of the wood, but also make sure they are comfortable, cushy and warm — the kind of carpets you can really sink your toes into.

wood floors red area rug

If you have hard floors of tile, stone or any other attractive element, let them take center stage by choosing furniture that flows with the color and texture, rather than fighting against it. If you have carpet on your floors, choose the highest quality in terms of both comfort and rich color.

3. Go to the walls

There are two points that matter most about your walls: The color and the artwork. Choose a color that suits the overall style of your home. You can dress up a cool modern look with a warmer palette, and you can cool down a cozy room with a serene blue or cream.

contemporary living room wall art decor

When it comes to artwork, a few carefully chosen pieces will stand the test of time better than a collection of several, which can eventually feel cluttered. Rather than use nails to hang the artwork, look to shelves or chair rails that bring the art down to a level where you can truly admire it — and save the damage to your walls in the process.

4. Texture

A blend of textures plays with the senses. Imagine a soft, cushy rug on a tile floor, or a sleek glass-topped coffee table beside a well-loved sofa, or an old weathered quilt across a modern bed with an angled headboard.

contemporary living room black coffee table shag rug stone wall

Stack colorful throws on a black bookcase for a feast for the eyes, and light up scented candles not only for the visual, but to offer sensory texture to the very air you breathe. Keep these textured elements in mind as you create a scene you will be more than happy to come home to.

5. Fine details – choose the right accessories

Finally, remember that accessories for your home aren’t just the occasional vase or picture frame. View your furniture as accessories too — pieces that complement that beauty of the room and help pull the walls, floor, textures and lighting together.

spring accessories decor

Be choosy!

Be very choosy about the things you surround yourself with! Creating a home that suits you is not just about how it looks, but how it makes you feel. That’s why you should only opt for furniture and home decor that speaks to you in a very elemental way. You will be living among these design elements, so make certain that they both excite and soothe you.

Your space

Which of the above have had the most impact on your space?

Which project have you got in mind to re-define a space?

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