5 Details That Add Elegance: An Infographic

When it comes to stylish interiors, it is often the details that create the most powerful interior design effects. Here are 5 for your consideration.


Elegance. For many, it’s the watchword for good design. It’s also thought of as being out of reach when budgets are limited. But, is that true? I suppose that has a lot to do with how you personally define the term. This is your space. You get to decide what makes it elegant or not.

A while ago, we talked about 5 such details that add elegance to rooms. And here we present it again to you in the form of an infographic. Peruse it, click on it to make it larger, and decide what sorts of details could be added to your own space to bring about a new state of elegance.

BuildDirect_5DetailsAddElegance_v1 copy

Angel in the details

Luckily, that old saying is true; the angel is in the details. Well, maybe that’s not the exact expression. For our purposes, though, it is. There are a number of options to create that ambience of elegance not by focusing on the grand, the sweeping, the expensive which include the above, and go beyond.

Details are powerful. It is very often the finer textures and contrasts lend a space that much sought-after atmosphere where grander and more expensive designs often fail to reproduce. These details are the pieces, the fixtures, the heirlooms, that we come to treasure the most. They are the elements that remind us of our personal senses of style, and remind us that we’re home at the same time.

What’s your definition of “elegance”?

What defines elegance for you?

Which of these above five elegant additions resonate the most for you? All? None?

Which details and textures could also be included among the above?

What details have you added to your own space to bring it more in line with how you’d define elegance?

Tell us all about it in the comments section of this post.



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