5 Details That Add Elegance To Any Room

elegant dining room

Elegance isn’t a secret club: use these 5 details to make any room more elegant in an instant.


What’s the difference between a nice room and a truly elegant decor? That difference is sometimes hard to pin down, because elegance tends to not bring attention to itself.

But once you know how to use items and accessories to add elegance to your home, it’ll be easy to build a home that is comfortable, welcoming and, well, elegant.

Let’s have a look at how you can use 5 distinct elements to turn an ordinary room into a beautifully elegant space.

1. Floor-to-ceiling window drapes

Floor-to-ceiling drapes remind me of ballrooms and mansions. But you don’t need either to get their elegant effect. You don’t even need floor-to-ceiling windows.

The trick to making these drapes an elegant accessory is to choose a high quality silk, linen or cotton fabric. Complex patterns and multiple colors are not necessary; often, a nice neutral silk drape will have more effect than a burgundy damask.

2. Gorgeous area rugs

Another way to add a quick touch of elegance is to add area rugs and carpets on your floor.

You can go classic with Persian carpets in the living room, or a little more edgy with contemporary patterns in the bedroom. And don’t be afraid to add several rugs to the same room, especially if they match; this gives a room the air of just having been “put together”.

Yanchi Area Rugs - Recycled Paper Shag Area Rug

Yanchi Area Rugs – Recycled Paper Shag Area Rug

The rugs don’t have to be new either. Faded spots give them an air of having been lovingly used. However, “faded” doesn’t meant frayed to the threads. Know when to replace a rug when it looks just too used.

3. High-quality pieces

Not everything in your home has to come for a luxurious, expensive brand–just like not everything in your wardrobe has to be couture. Invest in a single high-quality piece like a carved wood bed frame or a design couch, and accessorize on the cheap.

The effect? Your room will look elegant and not cheap at all, especially if you accessorize intelligently.

Top quality furniture also tend to last longer and have more universal and longer-lasting trend appeal. They’re really like the little black dresses of home decor.

4. Antique furniture

There’s something really special about a well-chosen and well-placed antique buffet or chest of drawers. Juxtaposing new with old, using the past to embellish the present: all these things come to mind when we see a beautiful antique piece in a room.

Now, don’t use just any antique. The piece has to fit your overall decor and has to be of a certain quality. Antiquing is a speciality on its own, so I won’t try to counsel on that front, but there’s plenty of resources to help you find good quality, appealing antiques for your home.

antique loveseat

5. Crystals and mirrors

At one point in history, the height of elegance was to have full-size mirrors in your home. They make rooms look much larger and reflect light all around, even after the sun is down.

No wonder then that we still think of mirrors and other light-reflecting and -refracting objects like crystals and shiny metals as elegant. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but there’s a beauty in seeing light burst from the corner of a room to illuminate the rest.

A crystal chandelier or a beautifully framed mirror will bring instant elegance to your dining room or bedroom. They bring us back to a time when some people had the luxury to linger over a meal or take hours to get dressed for dinner. (Maybe that’d be a trend to bring back, no?)

Easy solutions for elegant homes

Having an elegant house doesn’t have to cost a fortune. With just a few additions to your decor, it’s easy to give your home an easy, French-style elegance that will make you want to say: “Oh, this room? I just put it together.”

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