5 Easy And Inexpensive Halloween Decor Ideas

Halloween spooky decor

If you’ve wandered into a Halloween store or retail store, you’ve surely noticed how decorations for the season sometimes venture upwards of $100. To reduce costs, however, you can make your own decor at a fraction of the cost. Here are a few ideas for creating your own haunted theme while gaining the satisfaction of creating them on your own.

1. Homemade lanterns

Lanterns can give any home a spooky look, and making them is easier than you may have thought. Old jars and milk jugs can be decorated with just some tissue paper or markers, turning them into a ghost or a jack-o-lantern. Then you can turn them into a candle holder or add rope lighting to make them glow. The best part is that these can be exterior or interior decor.

2. Fireplace accents

Fireplaces can often add a haunting element to any home if decorated properly. One idea is to add jack-o-lanterns or pumpkins on the mantle and on the hearth of your fireplace, evoking the season with scary or silly carvings to reflect your preferences for either. And when the lights are dimmed, the warm orangey glow can add some cozy autumnal ambience.

Display your dead or dying cut flowers. Add your children’s spooky artwork too. Make your fireplace the seasonal focal point for Halloween, just as it’s known for later in the year

3. Ghostly portraits

You certainly have pictures or friends around the house, or if you don’t, you can go to a thrift store and find portraits of strangers with ease. Once you’ve decided what you want to use, turning them into a paranormal spirit is a cinch. Simply cut out some red construction paper in the shape of eyes, draw some pupils, and there you have it — pictures of the undead are suddenly all over your home.

4. Haunted doors

Decorating the entrance to your home is a vital step in maintaining the holiday spirit. Seasonal wreaths are a great way to accent your doors inside as well as out. Gather twigs from around your home, bend them, and tie them together to make the basis of the wreath.

Halloween gothic wreathe front door


From there, let your creativity take over by adding faux cobwebs, orange tissue paper, or bats made from construction paper. Then add orange or white pumpkins around the base of the door. The best part is that these can be left up through Thanksgiving. Well, maybe not the cobwebs and bats.

5. Dark fabrics

Black lace or wool throws, or any kind of dark colored fabric can be transformative, suggesting Dracula’s swirling cape, or a witch’s robe. And dark fabrics of black, violet and deep blue can be placed in multiple locations both vertically and horizontally; on shelving, hung on walls as tapestries, or over pieces of furniture for mysteriously elegant effect.

More numerous than you think

The possibilities for creating your own Halloween decor quickly are more numerous than you think. No matter what you decide to do, you can tweak it to make it ornate or make it look like the scenery from a C-level Halloween horror flick. Regardless of the outcome, your friends, neighbors, and more importantly, trick-or-treaters will be happy you went the extra mile.


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