5 Easy Steps To Maximizing your Shower Experience

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Showers and showering are common ways to begin and to end a busy day. Here are some ways to enhance that experience through organization, and smart purchases.


Showering is something most of us do every day. Before bed nothing feels better to me than a long hot shower to help me relax. Maybe you’re in the vast majority of people who starts the day with an invigorating shower and you’re looking for more efficiency. Here’s a few ways you can maximize your shower experience no matter what your shower style is:

1. Choose a showerhead

Head to any hardware store and take a look at the shower head aisle – you will soon feel quite overwhelmed! Options include different colors, sizes and styles and can range in price from under $50 to well into the thousands. Most have a variety of pressure settings and offer you the choice of a soft rainfall type shower, an invigorating massage, or something in between.

Shower heads that come right out of the wall are generally adjustable up or down, or you can choose a long hose attachment which clips to the wall for hands free use but also gives you a handheld option. Personally the hose attachment is my favorite type as it comes in handy when rinsing out the tub or for cleaning off my one year old after she has gotten into something messy!

2. Decide if you need a filter

If you live in an area which has ‘hard’ water filters can help solve this problem. Feeling like the water is heavy on your skin and finding it difficult to rinse your body or hair is usually an indication of hard water. Filters can be attached to your shower head, are easily installed, typically not too expensive, and make your shower experience much cleaner feeling.

3. Consider other shower accessories

If there are two of you trying to get ready at the same time, dual shower heads are an excellent option! These are usually installed at opposite ends of the tub or shower stall and allow couples to shower together at their own pace and without one having to stand out of the water.

Other shower additions include sprayers that come out of the ceiling or walls which add luxury and make your shower into more of a spa experience. Unless your shower is already equipped for these options you will need to contact a plumber for installation, but the cost for this can be quite reasonable.

modern shower and bath

4. Choose doors or a curtain

How do you like your shower enclosed? Some people prefer the look of doors which slide or pull closed while others choose shower curtains. Doors can be clear or frosted and provide a more elegant look to your bathroom, as well as provide an enclosed private space in your shower.

Curtains are easier to install, usually cheaper, and you can choose from many colors and patterns to match your bathroom décor, as well as textures which range from cloth to plastic. Consider a rounded shower curtain rod which rounds out at the top giving you more room in the shower, without taking up much extra room in the bathroom.

5. Re-think shower storage

If you store your shampoo bottles and soap scattered around the edge of the tub it’s time to invest in shower shelves or an organizer which hooks over the shower head. Having your shower gear at eye level saves you time in searching for what you need and makes your bathroom appear more organized.

A few easy, fairly inexpensive changes can make your shower more efficient and enjoyable. Do you prefer morning or evening showers? Or Both?! Let us know in the comments.

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Erika Palmer

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