5 Easy Ways To Give Your Kitchen A Coffee Shop Vibe

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coffee cup and beans

If you love the atmosphere of a coffee shop, there are plenty of ways to bring it home. Here are a few of them to give your kitchen a coffee shop look and feel.


I love coffee shops.

Don’t you?

Fine, it kind of suits the freelance writer stereotype, but there wouldn’t be so many Starbucks in the world if people didn’t enjoy the atmosphere of a nice coffee shop.

However, a coffee shop habit can cost you. When you really think about it, how much cheaper would it be to brew your own coffee at home, even when buying fancy fair trade beans? (Fair trade beans are the best. Buy them.)

But sometimes, it’s not the coffee so much as the decor, music and slightly noisy atmosphere that takes us there day after day. So what if you could get the coffee shop ambiance, but without ever stepping outside? What if you could transform your kitchen space into a coffee shop? Here are some easy ways you can bring the coffee shop home.

Add blackboards

One of the staples of coffee shops are the blackboards announcing the day’s special and, sometimes, even the whole menu.

Contemporary Spaces by Other Metro Interior Designers & Decorators zhuodesign

Although this is an actual coffee shop, it’s not impossible to reproduce some parts of this great decor in your home. The focus point here are the blackboards. And you don’t even have to redo your wall to get this effect! Using an amazing product called chalkboard paint, you can simply paint any surface you want transformed into a blackboard.

Traditional Basement by Lenexa General Contractors CHC Creative Remodeling

If there’s space, though, you can always just install a blackboard, as in this great basement space-turned-coffee shop!

Install a bar

Another decor element common to coffee shops is the window-hugging bar seating. My favourite coffee place has one, and so does yours, I’m sure.

Contemporary Kitchen by Palo Alto Architects & Building Designers Ogawa Fisher Architects

If there’s something interesting to look at outside your window, all the better! There’s nothing like people- (or animal-) watching while sipping on a latté.

Midcentury Kitchen by Seattle Architects & Building Designers SHED Architecture & Design

Even in this small kitchen space, a window bar changes everything!

Use brick and wood

Think about your local coffee shop. Does it have an exposed brick wall and large, thick wooden tables? Yeah, mine too.

Industrial Dining Room by New York Architects & Building Designers Jane Kim Design

There’s an unmistakable “coffee shop” feel to any exposed brick wall and distressed-looking wood. Maybe it’s the way they make us feel like the space has been loved for generations. Maybe it’s how the smell of coffee is enhanced by the brick. Or something. But whatever it is, I’m sure you can name plenty of coffee spots that use either or both of these decor elements.

Industrial Kitchen by New York Architects & Building Designers Jane Kim Design

Two for one: a wood bar!

Put an armchair in the kitchen

Crazy! I know! But think about it. Sometimes you want to be as close as possible to your coffee machine while reading the morning news. Why not add a armchair nook in the kitchen or dining room for just that purpose?

Transitional Kitchen by West Midlands Interior Designers & Decorators Gramlick Designs

It’s also a great spot to sit guests while you’re preparing dinner so you don’t have to scream across two rooms.

Traditional Kitchen by Birmingham Media & Bloggers Southern Living

This pretty little dining nook suits a coffee shop perfectly, don’t you think?

Make coffee

It’s not a coffee shop without, well, coffee. Thankfully, the cost of built-in coffee and espresso machines is going down, and it’s definitely going to save you some counter space.

Modern Kitchen by Birmingham Kitchen & Bath Designers Kitchens by Richards Inc

How about this coffee and breakfast area with a shelf just for mugs?

Traditional Kitchen by Dallas Media & Bloggers Sarah Greenman

Or this amazing coffee-exclusive spot with plenty of inspiration for the creative professional? I have a couple of friends who would LOVE this setup.

Getting the jitters?

How do you express your love of coffee in your home? Would you go as far as building your own coffee shop-inspired kitchen? Let us know in the comments!

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