5 Easy Ways To Replace A Headboard In Your Decor

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Don’t have a headboard or want to try something new? Have a look at some solutions for focus in a bedroom, without a headboard.


You know what? I’ve never gotten the point of a headboard. It’s a big clunky piece that you hit your head on (rather than the wall, huh) or that makes unwanted noises at night.

Personally, in the bedroom, I’ve always been a fan of minimalism: a spring board and a mattress on the floor. I don’t even care for a frame, unless I’m really out of space and need the space under the bed. But being short, a frame-less bed has always been my preference.

All about the headboard

But hey, it seems that bedroom decorators are all about the headboard. Sure, it gives a bedroom a nice focal point, something to tie the bed and the wall together. It instantly tells you about the style of the bedroom and the preferences of the owners.

But what if, like me, you don’t care enough about them to buy one, and yet really want the decor benefits of the headboard? Let’s have a look at some other ways to add a headboard-like effect to your bed and bedroom.

1. Add art

The most obvious way to add a visual focal point just above the bed is to hang a piece of art. Painting, photo, graphic design: anything goes as long as it suits your tastes, the style of the room and the feeling you’re going for.

What’s great about hanging a piece of art above your bed is that you can easily change it according to your moods or the season. Discovered a great new local artist? Why not display some of his or her paintings in rotation? You can also add visual interest by playing with the size: a poster that’s much wider than your bed, or something very tall and narrow.

To attract the eye, make it a statement piece rather than something that blends in. Make it pop!

2. Use a window

If you can, you can put your bed under a window and use it as an anchor point. If it has a good view, even better!

A window is a natural focus point and a good source of light for reading during the long summer nights. And just as with art, you can change the style and the mood by changing the window covering. Feeling like you want to let light in? Use semi-transparent, light-colored drapes. Want to make the room cozy and dramatic? Hang some opaque drapes in a color that contrasts your walls.

Move your bed under the window and see how you like it!

3. Install or paint a mural

If a small piece of art or a few bits for a collage just don’t cut it, think big: use the entire wall to install or paint a mural or a patterned wallpaper.

This will definitely give your bedroom a focal point as well as a guide for the rest of your decor. A popping, colorful pattern will be its own reward and will require minimal decorating in the rest of the room; something more understated and subtle will give you a bit more leeway for accessories and other decor elements.

But in general, a focus wall is enough to transform a room from dull to amazing without adding much else!

wall art bedroom bed no headboard

4. Install a few shelves

Keep your pretty knickknacks, some frames and your favourite books right above your bed by installing a few shelves. This is also a great way to easily add a reading light, obviously to read those great books you’re keeping close!

Some people have a gift for decorating with small objects: figurines, little pots and vases, photos in small frames. If that’s you, you’ll find the beauty of doing it just above your bed, in place of a headboard.

Ledges or built-in shelves are great variations on this theme with a different look–try them to see which ones appeals the most to you!

5. Make a collage

This is a variation on the art idea above. Choose several smaller pieces and make a beautiful collage that expresses who you are, your aspirations, your tastes, your family, your role models.

Changed your mood? Change the collage! There are plenty of ways to plan and display your favourite visuals; check out this article about art display trends.

Collages are original, personal and highly customizable. You can adjust the size and the spread or try different patterns: regular and equal, or random and circular. They make a great focal point for bedrooms.

How do you feel about headboards?

After reading this, how do you feel about headboards? Personally, I’m more convinced than ever than I can do without them. I like the constantly changing and original possibilities that a blank wall provides.

How about you? Do you want to try going headboard-less or do you want hold on to it? Share your ideas and experiences in the comments!

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