5 Essential Decor Accessories That Tie The Room Together

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Making a house feel like a home takes a personal touch, but not everyone knows where to start when it comes to decorating their home. So, which accessories can be best counted on for tying your rooms together so that you can begin to see the big picture a bit more?  Here are five examples of useful accessories  that’ll help you change the game.

1. Some reflection on mirrors

Wall accents add a lot to any space and if you want to kick your home’s interior decorating up a notch, then accent mirrors are definitely the way to go. Not only do mirrors breakup white wall monotony, they actually make the space feel larger than it is.

mirror accent pieces

Before you begin covering your walls in mirrors, you first need to think about which mirror size fits the space best. A group of small, geometrically arranged accent mirrors might fit better than a large rectangular mirror depending on the space. And remember, the mirror frame says a lot, so make sure it matches your current décor.

2. A Little Art to Liven Things Up

Going along with the wall-decorating theme, wall art is a great option when it comes to home décor. Artwork is a very personal statement, so the most important goal when choosing art for your home is to make sure it’s something you love. Whether it’s a painting or a series of photographs, it also helps if the art follows a design theme so your walls don’t end up looking like a busy mess.

3. Throw pillows for all Occasions

Home decorating is all about accessorizing and the king of all accessories is the throw pillow. Throw pillows not only help tie the room together, they’re also interchangeable and therefore don’t have to match the furniture that they’re intended for.

throw pillows couch living room

As long as you use complementary colors within the pillow itself, you can go design crazy choosing throw pillows. Whether your couch is solid white or your love seat has stripes, throw pillows make a great décor addition to any space.

4. A lamp here and a shade there

Lighting does wonders for just about any room in the house, which is exactly why lamps are an interior decorating double whammy. Whether you choose a floor lamp with flair or twin table lamps to brighten up your end tables, the lamps’ shades offer plenty of decorating and lighting options.

lamp shades

Just remember, it doesn’t matter if you decide to go with a brushed stainless steel base or a faux finish base, the lampshade almost always says more than the lamp itself. So, make sure the shade’s color and size doesn’t clash with your current décor.

5. Area rugs that add more to the floor

Right under your feet is probably one of the most overlooked spots in your entire house: the floor. Luckily, area rugs not only add a ton of design value to your home’s interior, they’re also easier to clean and maintain than you might think. From textured to solid patterns, rugs bring out the best in your otherwise bare floor.

area rug in bedroom throw pillows wood floors

Accessories that make the room, and the home

From mirrors to throw pillows and everywhere in between, the decorating tips above will surely help you turn your house into a home.

But, which ones have we missed? Which stalwart accessories help to tie your rooms together? Tell us all about it in the comments section.


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