5 Exotic Outdoor Living Spaces

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There are outdoor living spaces out there, right now, that are currently blank slates. There’s a lawn, a tree, maybe a hedge, and a lot of potential. Maybe that describes your space, and you’re looking to explore some ways to unlock that potential, while also creating the effect of a getaway, a world apart from your life indoors. And maybe you’re looking to do it in such a way that it still reflects your personality and interests while also looking great and being in support of the activities you like to engage in while you’re there.

Have we got the graphic for you!

Take a look at 5 examples of exotically themed outdoor spaces that also remain to be decorative and comfortable. Which one makes the most sense for your space? Maybe it’s all of them, and maybe it’s none. You decide!

BuildDirect_5 exotic outdoor spaces_v1 copy

What are your thoughts, everyone?

Which of the above themes would work best for you?

Which elements would you borrow from each?

What themed outdoor rooms do you already have in place?

Let us know in the comments section.

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