5 Fantastic Fabric Projects For DIY Home Decor

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Sometimes, all new houses and apartments need once you move in is an injection of a little personality to bring their home decor value to the surface. What can you do to make this happen? By creating your own decorations and style! Here are some sewing projects using fantastic fabrics that can help transform your house into a home.


Every starter apartment seems to come with the same boring industrial blinds or a set of monotone, course-fabric curtains. If you’d rather your windows not look like they belong in a gulag, sew your own curtains. Consider your fabric and color choices in terms of the room the window sits in: Do you want the formality of velvet or the breeziness of muslin?

Do you want your color to match the room, or make a statement through contrast? Whatever you choose, simple, hand-made curtains can go a long ways toward claiming your space.

Throw pillows

Nothing can make your couch from the department store come alive quicker than a home-made throw pillow. Again, fabrics are important here in terms of texture (soft or substantial) and color. However, the smaller size of throw pillows leaves you more room to explore graphic design elements.

Repurpose an old t-shirt for that just-out-of-college look, or stitch a picture of your favorite relative. Or just put a pug on it. You know, if you really like pugs.

Bed skirt

Preserve your bed’s precious modesty with a DIY skirt project. The size of your bed will determine the feasibility of this project, as making a skirt for a twin is a significantly different undertaking than sewing one for a king. Use a single color or a fun pattern; just remember, unless you want to be hefting your bed every time you change the sheets, the skirt needs to work with all of your linens.

Table Cloth

Your dining room design can make the difference between a young, modern living space and a homey, old-fashioned house just like Grandma used to have. A table-cloth is a major part of this.

Use a wacky checkered pattern to replicate your favorite childhood pizza parlor, a pile of lace and embroidery to feel like an aristocrat, or a plain color to anchor the room. Just remember, don’t use anything too expensive, unless you’re OK with that pricey Mulberry silk having food stains on it.


Every kitchen needs them, but few seem to include them as decoration. Unless you’re OK with a grungy dollar-store cloth hanging off your stove, consider making a custom potholder to liven the space. Visitors will definitely note the difference between a boring store-bought potholder and one of these custom numbers.

Finding a clever saying or funny picture for the design lets you express yourself in a way that may feel out of place in other rooms. Be sure that you use thick enough fabric or your potholder may be more decorative than functional.

Your creative energy

DIY décor is the perfect expression of your uniqueness. Projects like this allow you to express your creative energy, and imprint your personal style in the place you live. Explore your artistic instincts. You’re guaranteed to find something meaningful!


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