5 Foods That You Can Use As Cleaners

If you think that chemicals are the only way to keep your home clean, think again. You don’t need a tightly locked cabinet full of hazardous products to have a pristine house. These pantry staples will do the job just as well with none of the risks.

1. Get a Shine from Tea Bags

Tea bags are brimming with tannins. Their acidity makes them the perfect choice for polishing your home’s surfaces to a gorgeous shine. Tea bags work best on wood surfaces. Whether you’re cleaning your floors, perking up your cabinets, or giving furniture a fresh shine, all you need is the magic of tea.



The best part is that you still get to use this product for its original purpose first. After enjoying a piping hot cup, use the cooled bag for your polishing.

2. Fix Furniture with Walnuts

Are you battling scratches and scuffs in your furniture? Let a soft walnut take care of the problem for you. It’s the meat that you want, so make sure you shell the nut first.



Rub the walnut over scratches and dings in your wood furniture to reduce their appearance. The secret is in the nut’s natural oils.

3. Get Rid of Grime with Grapefruit

Grapefruits are naturally acidic and their large size makes them a great choice for big cleaning projects. Halve a grapefruit and use each piece as a natural scrubber for tubs, toilets, and sinks. This trick works best when you add some salt to the mix. Sprinkle the salt over your dirty surface for added scrubbing action.


The combination of the gritty salt and acidic grapefruit will do wonders with grime covered surfaces.

4. Keep Things Fresh with Lemon

The distinct scent of lemon has long been used to keep homes smelling fresh. Lemons were particularly popular in Victorian homes as a way to give large estates a pleasant aroma. Lemon is more than just an air freshener, they work as a multipurpose miracle cleaner.


Lemons are naturally acidic and antibacterial. They also have bleaching properties that make them great for removing stains and odors from cutting boards. Lemon juice will battle lime scale on your faucets, cut through grease and odors in your garbage disposal, and bleach acidic stains from Tupperware. Dip half a lemon in baking power to scrub countertops. Mix lemon juice and salt for a gritty scrubbing paste. Combine lemon juice and cream of tartar to freshen up dingy grout.

5. Hydrate Home Surfaces with Cooking Oils

Oils are ideal for hydrating home surfaces that have started to dry out. Use a little vegetable oil on leather, wicker, rattan, or wood to keep these materials from drying out. For wood, combine the oil with a little lemon juice. After oiling leather, buff with a chamois cloth to get a like-new shine.


If you’re having trouble getting oil into all the nooks and crannies of a wicker chair, warm it up a bit on the stove first. This will thin it out.

Food you can eat AND clean with!

A well-stocked pantry can do more than just feed your home. With these solutions, a few staples will keep things clean, too.

Which food items do you use for cleaning products that should have made this list? Tell us about it in the comments section of this post.


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