5 Fun Front Porch Fall Decorating Ideas

front door porch autumn wooden chair

Transitioning your front porch for fall doesn’t have to be an expensive endeavor. You can make a few trips to the home decor store or contract the job out to a decorator, and voila! your front porch is ready. If you decide to do it yourself, here are some tips to apply to your fall porch decor:

1. Plant fall flowers in your pots and boxes

There are various plants that fit in with the fall. Some types to choose from include sage, white clover, sedum and verbena. You will need to care for them regularly so they won’t freeze or grow brittle. However, they will otherwise look beautiful and allot a natural ambiance to your strategy for fall porch decorating ideas.

2. Add fall-themed details to your furniture

If your benches, couches, dining porch furniture or swings need a touch of fall, you could buy or sew together some pillow cases for the season. You can sew Halloween designs like ghosts, bats, witches or cats.

If you want a fall aesthetic to bolster your fall front porch ideas, design pillow cases with leaves, tree branches or perhaps pumpkins. Other accents to add to your furniture include blankets for curling up at night, candles on the table or a centerpiece.

3. Change your welcome mat for the fall

Welcome mats are important, and you can always change them out to match the season. Why not invest in a new one specifically for fall or Halloween? You can have one with leaves, trees or other designs that match your porch, and that complement your other fall decorating ideas for the front porch. If you want one that’s spooky, get a Halloween-themed mat. Then you can switch it out when winter comes.

Close up of a welcome mat in front of an inviting house. Focus on foreground

4. Complete the look with extra pieces

Some extra fall decor to add includes bales of hay, straw, scarecrows, a welcome sign or post, pumpkins, jack-o-lanterns, gourds, ravens, crows or maybe a fall-themed wreath. You should include what you feel best suits your budget and the landscape of your porch and yard. Be sure not to add too much to prevent cluttering.

5. Bring it together with the right lighting

Everything you add should be accented with the right lighting. Buy rope lights and install them around your railings, door frames or supports. Maybe enlist the help of an electrician to install spotlights, hanging or standing lamps to accent the decor as well. You should always lean towards LED lighting to save money while still allowing for a bright glow to envelop your porch.

These are a few recommendations for fall decorating ideas for your front porch. There are many options available depending on your budget, and what you feel blends into the landscape.

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