5 Great Hanging Decorations That Aren’t Mistletoe

Have you ever been caught standing under mistletoe with someone and been embarrassed? Mistletoe is fun in the right setting, but it’s not a tradition that everyone enjoys. This year, hold the mistletoe (or more precisely, don’t  hold it or hang it) and hang other decorations instead. Here are five hanging Christmas decorations that will put people in the holiday spirit without embarrassment.

mistletoe entitled man

Don’t be this guy. Or invite him over. Ever.

Homemade garland

No Christmas tree is complete without a holiday garland, but you don’t need to confine it to the tree. It’s also a good decoration for your mantel, banister, or to hang from the ceiling. It’s easy to make a garland at home, too, without spending a fortune.

A traditional popcorn garland will give your holiday guests a nostalgic feel. If you have kids, you can get them involved in the decorating by helping you make a paper chain garland. Of course, you can also be creative with fabric and other items you have around the house.

Chandelier embellishments

Chandeliers are one thing that everyone stops to look at. There are all sorts of things you can buy to boost the “wow” factor of your chandelier for the holidays. However, with a little creativity, you can make chandelier embellishments for Christmas yourself. Add extra strings of crystals, garland, and even ornaments. Just make sure that everything you hang from your chandelier is attached properly to avoid any mishaps.

Homemade Christmas candles

Create a comfortable ambiance where people can relax and hang out with homemade candles. It’s easy to make candles. All you need is a quality wick, scents, wax, and a fireproof container. Choose scents like pumpkin, gingerbread, pine, or even apple pie to make your house smell great and remind people of the holidays. If you’d like to forego the the flame, you can even use battery-operated candles to create a floating centerpiece for a unique look.

Hang Christmas objects from the ceiling

Everyone thinks about decorating their Christmas tree, their door, their mantel, and their banister for Christmas but there are other spots that you can adorn with a little eye-catching decoration. One creative way to decorate is to hang Christmas objects from your ceiling with ribbon or twine. They will grab everyone’s attention and put them in the holiday spirit. You can choose anything, such as candy canes, bells, bows, or ornaments. Use your imagination and make your Christmas hanging decorations special and unique to your home.

Holiday wreath

Wreaths can be placed throughout your home. They don’t just have to be on the front door. Create a holiday wreath and hang it as the focal point of a room. You can stick to the traditional berries and ribbon or branch out to all sorts of other holiday themes. You can even create cartoon character and superhero wreaths to please all the kids for Christmas. Decorations are about making your house fun and inviting for everyone for the holidays.

Mistletoe: not necessary

You don’t have to stick with the traditional mistletoe as a hanging decoration. It can create some really awkward situations, especially when you’re hosting parties for people outside of your family. Be creative with other hanging decorations. Do something fun and festive that will impress your guests this year.


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