5 Great Tips For Finding Your Perfect Pieces Of Art


Art is a way to add personality, color contrast, and visual interest to home decor. Here are 5 ways to choose art and present it in your space.


Artwork adds a nice, personalized touch to any room but selecting it can often be a daunting task. If you have been putting off buying art for your home because you don’t know where to start or what to look for – here are a few great tips:

1. Only buy what you love

This is the most important thing to keep in mind during your decision process. Remember, it’s for YOUR home and you have to look at it every day so choose only pieces you love. If you are truly drawn to something – buy it and make it work!

2. Look around wherever you are

Surf around the internet for a while and visit some local galleries to see what’s out there. Auctions are held in most medium to large cities and can be a great place to find rare, older pieces. Often restaurants and coffee shops have artwork from local artists for sale on their walls, so look around wherever you are.

Garage and Estate sales can turn up some unexpected finds. Art schools are a wonderful place to visit as they offer great deals – and you could be buying something from the next big artist!

3. Consider not buying it – but finding or making art instead

Do you have a place you go where the view inspires or relaxes you? Take a picture, blow it up and display that. Have your kids or Grandkids created you a collage of beautiful buttons or ribbons? That is a fantastic piece to frame and put up on your wall! Explore a DIY art site, or attend a painting or craft workshop, and make your own creation. Buying pricey art work is not your only option.

4. Create cohesion between your art and your decor

Keep in mind the color scheme of the room you are picking your pieces for and stick with complementing colors. If you love a piece that doesn’t go with your decor, consider changing up your room – even if it’s just as simple as painting a wall, or adding some pillows in colors and textures that draw everything in cohesively.

Maybe you were looking for a painting for your living room but the one you fell in love with works better with your bedroom colors, so find a place for it there.

5. Do your art justice

When hanging artwork, hang it straight and keep it secure so it doesn’t shift. Paintings are best hung about 60 inches from the floor, at approximate eye level, for best viewing and impact in a room. Typically a large wall does better with one larger piece or a few smaller ones.

Don’t clutter a table with too many pieces or pictures, choose one or two of your favorites and move the rest elsewhere. Artwork displayed in dimly lit rooms tends to look dull so consider adding some lights to make it pop.

What’s your favorite piece of art that you display in your home? Do you prefer buying pieces or creating your own? Tell us about it in the comments section.

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