5 High Tech Energy Efficient Additions To Your Home

high tech home

Remember watching futuristic movies and TV shows when you were a kid? You longed for machines to be able to style your hair and dress you instantly like on The Jetsons. You wished you could talk to your friends as hologram projections like in Star Wars. While these specific technologies may not be available yet, there are five amazing technology revolutions you can put in your home.

1. Eco toilets

Kohler has released a new line of high-tech toilets called Numi. These toilets are packed with features, including colored lighting, Bluetooth music sync, and heated seat and foot warmer options. They also have a Power-Save mode for energy efficiency, a touch screen remote, and emergency flush capabilities during power outages. It is a one piece toilet with an integrated bidet and an elongated futuristic design for ultimate comfort.

2. Nest thermostats

The nest thermostat has been wildly growing in popularity the past few years. Not only are homeowners installing the smart thermostat in their homes, it is also being added to newly built homes as a standard feature.  What makes the thermostat smart is its ability to study your behavior and adjusts settings according to your family’s patterns.

It saves homeowners money and energy use by learning when people are not home so it uses less energy. It can also be controlled from your phone with the Nest app so you can adjust temperatures when you are out of the house.

3. Refrigerator touch screens

This one isn’t specifically green, but is offers efficiency of another sort. The refrigerator was once considered a high-tech addition to the home all on its own. Now refrigerators have gone to the next level. Samsung has introduced a line of refrigerators that feature a touch screen above the ice and water dispensers with tons of apps. You can check the weather, look for recipes, get caught up on Facebook and Twitter, create a grocery list, and leave notes for your family while you are getting a drink of water.

4. Robotic mowers and vacuums

The Roomba self-cleaning robot vacuums have become very popular in homes. The UK company Husqvarna has come up with an outdoor version of the Roomba with their robotic mowers. The mower was inspired by sheep grazing patterns. Before lawnmowers, sheep would graze fields so they were always “mowed down.” The mower is designed the same way, cutting a little big of the grass all the time in a random pattern.

5. Sun Tables

A sun table is a condensed version of solar panels you can put on the roof of your home to use for electricity. Instead of spending all that money for panels, the sun table can sit outside in the sun for a few hours to store up energy. It can then be moved inside and used to charge and use tablets, phones, iPods, laptops, radios, lights, and more.

Emerging technology

Technology for high-tech homes has been growing steadily since the 1950s. The futuristic space age the people of that decade predicted is already starting. While we don’t have flying cars yet, these high-tech conveniences show us that we are not far off.

Which trends are you hoping for? Which features in your own home do you consider to be high-tech and energy efficient? Tell us about it in the comments section of this post!


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