5 Home Storage Spaces You Didn’t Know You Had

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Did you know you have more storage space than you think? Here are some sneaky storage spots you can use today.


When you live in a small space, or have lots of stuff, you’re always looking for more storage space. And when you run out of it, everything becomes storage: the tabletops and countertops, the couch nobody sits on (in my case, the love seat, which holds my sewing kit!), room corners; anywhere that’s relatively empty will do.

But before you start piling books on the kitchen table, think: is there anywhere else I could put these that could be out of the way? Is there any storage space I’m missing? Well, I’ve taken a look through my house, and I found a bunch of small but practical places I could use as storage space.

1. Under the bed

It’s an obvious one, but many people forget: you can stash plenty of stuff under the bed. They even make special flat plastic tubs with wheels so you can roll it in and out!

Under the bed is a great storage spot for off-season clothing: your sweaters in summer and your summer dresses in winter. You can fold them and fit them under the bed easily.

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Think of other flat (or flat-able) objects: magazines and comics, video games and DVDs, even extra pillows, bedding and towels. We even keep empty, flattened boxes under ours!

2. In the corner of closets

Closets aren’t limited to what’s right in front of us when we open them. There are often little corners at the edges that are definitely underused. How about organizing these corners more effectively?

Instead of just pushing clothes in a corner (where you wouldn’t see them well anyway), you can install wall shelves to keep things that would otherwise pile up on the floor: boots and shoes, bags and backpacks, even toys! You can stash quite a few things there if you install a few shelves on top of each other.

Transitional Closet by New York Kitchen & Bath Fixtures PHOENIX SERVICES

If you have more space, why not install extra hooks for bags, hats, scarves and coats?

3. On windowsills

Another underused storage spot is windowsills. Not everyone can use them–sometimes they’re too narrow to hold anything. (Although you can always install a shelf along it to extend their depth!) But when you have deep enough windowsills, they can hold your everyday knickknacks out of the way and off of tables.

I’d be weary of keeping anything light-sensitive there: books and such don’t really do well when kept in sunlight for too long. But you can keep small frames and photos, plants and other decorative items there instead of on side tables, where it’s more practical to keep your teacup and your current read.

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4. Behind doors

Doors can be practical stashing spaces for things that hang: purses, bags, coats, towels, bathrobes, shoe organizers, scarves: anything that’s relatively light and isn’t too thick.

How many things could you hang behind the doors of your home right now? In the bathroom: towels! In the office: papers and files (in a hanging filing system, of course.) In the bedroom: bathrobes and pyjamas! In the closet: anything that fits!

I like using the space behind doors because you can easily put it out of sight by leaving the door open (or closed, depending on the side you’re standing on).

Traditional Home Office

5. In room corners

Just like closet corners, sometimes we forget that room corners are great spots for putting tall, narrow shelves. We too often leave them bare because… well, I don’t know why. Because we don’t what to do with them?

Look at the corners of your room right now. Are they being used to the fullest of their potential? Could you get a corner bookshelf or install wall-mounted shelves for books and knickknacks instead? Especially when your rooms are small and there isn’t much space for large shelving or organizing units, it’s great to at least have the corners.

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Where else can you store?

There’s a lot more storage space around your home than you think there is. What is your secret storage spot? How have you maximized storage in your home? Let us know your tips and tips!

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