5 House Maintenance Practices To Increase Energy Efficiency

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You can save money simply by performing regular maintenance around the house. Here are some key maintenance areas and weekly cleaning jobs to help you get there.


No matter what time of year it is, cleaning your home is something that needs to be done on a somewhat frequent basis. Basic cleaning, including dusting, sweeping, and mopping, is a no-brainer; however, there are other things to consider cleaning on top of the obvious.

By following a few simple steps, you increase not only the cleanliness of your house but also address energy efficiency, which lowers energy bills during the colder winter months or the warmer summer months.

1. Replace the HVAC/air filter

The HVAC/air filter in your home is responsible for catching all the dust that gathers when your heater or air conditioner pushes air into home. To limit the amount of dust that enters the air, it’s important to change the air at least every one to three months.

Not only does a dirty air filter contribute to poor air quality in the home, but it also cuts down on the efficiency of your furnace. Because your heater runs nearly non-stop during the winter, this one simple tip cuts your energy bill immensely.

2. Dust electronics and lighting fixtures

Even if you keep your house relatively clean, electronics and lighting fixtures are not something regularly checked for cleanliness. However, dusting the fans and other parts of electronics, not just the surface, help them to perform more efficiently, thus cutting energy costs.

Light bulbs and lighting fixtures function the same way. If you learn to clean them regularly, this aspect of cleaning is quick and easy. Additionally, try to transition from incandescent to CFL bulbs.

3. Clean dryer lint trap

If you own a dryer, you already know that leaving the lint trap dirty cuts the efficiency of the dryer and acts as a potential fire hazard. To combat this danger and help energy costs, clean out the lint trap each time you do a load of laundry.

Also, every six months, wash out the lint trap with a hose or some water. This frees the trap of the barrier of silicone that builds up from dryer sheets.

4. Clean the refrigerator regularly

A refrigerator gets its power from coils on the backside of the appliance, yet how many times do you find yourself getting back there to clean it? Pulling out the refrigerator is a pain, but dust that collects on the coils seriously limits the efficiency of the refrigerator, causing it to work extra hard to keep food cold.

5. Manually clean the oven

While the self-cleaning feature of modern ovens is handy and convenient, it doesn’t do nearly as good a job as a little elbow grease. By cleaning it yourself, you clear the oven of grime and deposits that the self-cleaner leaves behind, and as a result, leave your oven running smoothly.

Time spent, energy saved

No matter when or how often you clean the house, adding these habits into your routine saves not only on energy but on the time spent. Implement these ideas today and with the money you save, you can go enjoy the finer things in life.


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