5 Housecleaning Hacks To Clean Smart, Not Hard

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smart cleaning rubber glove OKJust because you don’t like cleaning your house, doesn’t mean you’re lazy. Well, maybe it does, but luckily there are some great ways to cut corners while you tidy up without skimping on the cleaning job itself.

To help make your house spotless without much effort, here are five clever cleaning hacks for “lazy” people. Or is that smart people? Yeah, let’s go with smart.

1. No shoes, no (cleaning) service

It doesn’t matter if it’s your favorite pair of sneakers or those uncomfortable heels you wear to work, your shoes are dirt and dust carriers that wreak havoc on your carpet and floor. Luckily, there is an effortless solution to the dirty shoe problem: curb your footwear at the door.

By beginning a shoeless policy in your home, you’ll keep the dirt off your floors, which translates to less cleaning. It doesn’t matter if it’s outside or inside, putting a shoe cubby by your front and back doors is a great reminder for the entire family to remove their footwear before entering your effortlessly pristine home.

2. Slow cookers are a dishwasher’s best friend

Call it a slow cooker or a crock-pot, whatever the title, one-pot cookers are the perfect way to reduce the amount of dishes, pots, and pans it takes to cook a meal. All the ingredients go into a single pot and, like magic, you have a hearty meal with no mess. This is great news for your empty kitchen sink and your home’s designated dishwasher, whether it’s human or machine.

3. Keep cleaning supplies within reach

If you already despise cleaning your home, then don’t set yourself up for failure by storing your cleaning products out of sight. By putting your various cleaning products in sight, they’ll also be on your mind, which will encourage you to clean more often.

Sure, cleaning more often doesn’t really sound like a life hack, but by cleaning small, daily messes as they happen, you’ll avoid having to schedule your life around an entire afternoon of cleaning your house. Not only that, your house will also maintain its clean appearance instead of gradually getting dirtier as the days go on.

4. Keep soap scum at bay

When it comes to bathroom cleaning nightmares, soap scum is probably at the top of your list. However, have no fear because body wash is here! That’s right, using body wash in the shower instead of bar soap not only leaves your skin feeling silky smooth, it also cuts soap scum out of the equation. In addition, for any soap scum that does arise, use no-scrub soap scum remover after every shower – it’s a cleaning hack win-win.

5. Less clutter means less cleaning

If your home is overrun with clutter, then you probably have an ongoing mess on your hands. A great way to clean your home effortlessly is to de-clutter it one room at a time. Collect everything you consider clutter, put it in a designated clutter closet, and if you find that you don’t use the items after a month, get rid of them. Besides, a clutter-free home is a clean home.

By keeping in mind the cleaning hacks above, you’ll have a spotless home with ease.


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