5 Interior Colors For Autumn

When autumn comes along, it’s time to decorate the house in warm and cozy colors. Look to hues of crimson red, golden yellow, and deep purple. These colors help you bring the outdoors in because they are the colors of the fallen leaves. If you’re trying to decide what color to repaint your interiors this fall, take a look at the following five options.

1. Burnt Sienna

When people think about autumn, they automatically turn to shades of orange. It’s the color that most leaves turn when they fall off of the trees.

burnt sienna home office


Burnt sienna makes a bold statement in a living room, and it gives off a Moroccan vibe, which makes it a great starting point for designing other elements of the room. If burnt sienna is a little too much for you, try a peachy shade.

2. Golden Yellow

Another color of autumn is yellow. It’s a fun color to use in a living room because it livens the place up. Yellow brings energy and is reminiscent of the Mexican tradition, with fast dancing and loud parties. If you want brightness and excitement, paint your interior walls in a golden yellow.

Golden Yellow Living Room

3. Crimson Red

If you’re afraid to use orange or yellow, red is a more traditional paint color for a stylish interior. It is earthy and goes well with most wood colors because of the clay-colored undertones. Paint your interior walls crimson and then all the trim white for a striking juxtaposition that will make your space pop. Or, use crimson as an accent wall to bring out the subtleties in your surrounding decor.

modern living room crimson accent wall


Then, scatter pillows and other design accessories in shades of cream, brown, and gold to finish off the look. Plus, red walls will transition well to the winter and holiday season.

However, crimson red comes with a caveat; it can make a small space look even smaller. If you’re worried that it might make your living room feel like a cave, try it as an accent color on one wall.

4. Chocolate Brown

Chocolate brown is rich and makes people feel warm when they come in from the outdoors, which makes it an excellent paint color for your living room. Of course, it’s best not to paint your entire living room a dark brown because it will make the space feel dark and uninviting.

living room open concept kitchen brown accent wall coffee table


Instead, paint a dark brown accent wall and then decorate with complimentary hues in furniture,  pillows,  and throws. Also, make sure to have plenty of lighting in your room so the dark brown doesn’t overwhelm the space.

5. Deep Purple

Purple isn’t the first color people think about when they think of autumn, but it does complement the shades of yellow and orange and brings a serene, regal look to a room. Therefore, if you’re going to use lots of yellow, orange, and red accents, paint the walls purple for a fun autumn look that feels high-class.

modern living room purple accent wall gray furniture

Why not mix and match?

All of these colors work well for autumn. Of course, you don’t have to choose just one — you can mix and match. And, if you’re afraid to paint your entire room in one of these autumn colors, start with an accent wall and see where that takes you.


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