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The kitchen is the nerve center of the home, with activities ranging from cookery to home finance, to time spent engaging with the family over a meal.

So, it makes sense for it to be organized, and clutter-free. Yet, since the kitchen in the average home is almost constantly in a state of transition from meal to meal, this can be a challenge.

Alyssa Davis talks about 5 simple ways to see that the kitchen in your home is a place where efficiency and accessibility are the watchwords for one of the busiest rooms in the house …


When designing and decorating a kitchen, planning for maximum storage space is almost always a concern. If you are like me, no matter how big your kitchen might be, it always seems as though there’s a need for just a few more cupboards or one more shelf. If you need a little more storage space in your kitchen, here are five quick storage solutions that can help.

1. Cutlery and Utensil Totes and Containers

If you are constantly struggling to fit your cutlery and cooking utensils into the drawer without getting them jammed and stuck, carry-all totes could be the perfect solution. I like to store my cutlery in a tote container with handles. By doing so, I can simply carry my spoons, knives and forks into the dining room when I need to set the table.


Kitchen cooking utensils

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Storing your cooking utensils in a pottery crock or other container will allow you to keep these items close to the stove and other cooking areas. In addition to being more convenient, using totes and carry-alls will probably free up at least two kitchen drawers.

2. Kitchen Islands

Adding a kitchen island will provide you with more work area as well as more storage space. You could either opt for a custom-made island designed to match your existing kitchen cabinets or a simple free-standing table-style island. Either way, you’ll have extra storage conveniently located close to your work area.

Kitchen Island

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Some table-style islands have baskets under the work surface, which are great for those hard-to-store items such as rolling pins.

3. Lid Organizers

Lids have always been one of my biggest kitchen storage problems. Finding a way to conveniently organize your lids can really improve the storage capacity and convenience of your kitchen.

Kitchen food storage container organizers

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Storing your plastic lids in a separate drawer can often be helpful. You could also attach a lid organizer to the inside surface of your cabinet drawers to create convenient storage space. These can work great for both plastic container and cookware lids.

4. Pantry Cabinet

It’s hard to beat a pantry cabinet when you need extra storage space in the kitchen. You could choose to have a pantry cabinet installed that matches your existing cabinetry. Or, simply buy a free-standing pantry cabinet. I’m always amazed at how much extra storage these handy cabinets can provide. Pantry cabinets are a great place to store canned goods and other non-perishable food supplies.

When storing canned goods, you can maximize the space in your pantry by choosing one with adjustable shelves. Instead of leaving the shelves at the standard height, move them closer together so that they are only an inch or two higher than the food cans. By doing so, you’ll be able to get at least an extra shelf or two of storage. If your pantry cabinet didn’t come with enough shelves, you can always buy extra shelves at your local home improvement store.

5. Lazy Susans

Lazy Susans are a great addition to corner cabinets and other areas where it can be difficult to reach to the back of the shelf. I like to use these handy units to organize my spices, baking supplies, or other small items that are often difficult to keep organized and accessible.

Kitchen storage lazy susans

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Once you improve the storage options in your kitchen, the entire room will probably feel more spacious and easier to work in. Now your only problem will be resisting the urge to buy more kitchen gadgets to fill up your new-found space!


Thanks, Alyssa!

Alyssa Davis, writes exclusively for Metal-Wall-Art.com, and specifically about designing with sailboat wall art and outdoor wall grilles.



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