5 Kitchen Storage Tips For The Holidays

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There’s a difference between a kitchen and a culinary hotspot packed full of cooks and seasonal cooking utensils. That’s right. The holiday season is right around the corner, which means you and your kitchen are going to have to work double-time to feed all of your guests, just like you did during Thanksgiving. Luckily, there are a number of ways to improve storage and get rid of the clutter in your holiday kitchen.

1. Parsley, sage, rosemary, and pot racks

When equipping your kitchen with your holiday pot and pan arsenal, you’ll likely lose precious countertop and cabinet space. Not to worry – pot racks are an easy storage solution for your holiday kitchen.

Whether you choose a pot rack that hangs from the ceiling or one that mounts to an open wall, a pot rack will conserve space in your kitchen. By using mounting hooks instead of permanent screws, you can remove your pot rack easily and store it with your holiday cooking supplies until next year.

2. Consolidate your utensils with containers

With the holidays come cooking utensils that you usually wouldn’t use year-round, such as Christmas tree cookie cutters and double whisks. Instead of cramming all of those specialty utensils in a drawer, consolidate them in a countertop container. Using wide-mouth vases and holiday cookie jars as upright utensil holders, you’ll keep your kitchen clutter-free and your cooking tools accessible.

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3. Seasonal shelving

Sure, hanging and wall-mounted pot racks solve part of the holiday kitchen storage problem, but what about cooking supplies that can’t hang? Overstuffing your cabinets with holiday ingredients and extra dishware for your guests simply isn’t an option.

This is where the almighty baker rack comes into play. Wire baker racks are easy to put together, provide tons of storage, and can disappear with the New Year. Most wire baker racks come with six to eight shelves that slide onto adjustable poles, so you can make as much or as little storage as you please.

4. Put Lazy Susan to work

No, not your Aunt Susan who only comes by on the holidays. A Lazy Susan, also known as a rotating tray or turntable, is the perfect way to store numerous items in one place while still making them completely accessible.

A double or triple Lazy Susan for your countertop will hold all of your holiday spices without putting any of them out of reach. There are also cabinet-depth rotating trays that will help you conserve space in your upper and lower cabinets.

5. The holiday swap

Another solution for your holiday kitchen is what’s known as “the holiday swap.” This involves making your kitchen space more efficient by removing some regular items to make room for the influx of holiday cooking tools, utensils, and ingredients.

Although you will have to find room elsewhere for the items you remove, the space you gain will make life much easier – no matter how many holiday cooks you have in the kitchen. Remove bulky items like bags of rice, boxes of dry goods, and cleaning supplies to make room for all of the holiday goodies you’re adding.

By keeping in mind the storage tips above, you’ll avoid an overstuffed kitchen and successfully overstuff your holiday guests with delicious meals.


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