5 Kitchen Trends We Love for 2015

Redoing your kitchen in 2015? Check out these 5 great decor trends for the new year.


If you’re planning a kitchen makeover for next year, then keep reading. I’ve taken a wide look at some of the kitchen trends for 2015, and I’ve chosen 5 that I particularly like to share with you.

Overview of 2015

In general, kitchen design will abandon the ultra-sleek, ultra-modern look for more comfortable, more traditional spaces. Adorned cupboards, new textures and a wider array of colors will be available for trendy kitchen remodellers.

Transitional Kitchen by London Interior Designers & Decorators Blakes London

So, ready for the first trend we love?

1. Open shelving

Open the cupboard, shut the cupboard… open the cupboard, shut the cupboard. Does it get as annoying for you as it does for me? Well, if your answer is yes, you can rip those offending cupboard doors out and enjoy the glorious freedom of simply reaching out and grabbing whatever you need from an open shelf.

Contemporary Kitchen

Open shelving opens up a space and makes everything seem more airy. It’s also great if you have interesting walls and want to display them as much as possible.

Contemporary Kitchen by Nantucket Architects & Building Designers Joe Olson

I love how the back of the shelves continues from the countertop. It ties the room together and makes the white features of the kitchen pop out.

2. Precious metals

Bored of the silver metal surfaces in your kitchen? You’re in luck, because here’s a really big trend for next year: warmer shades like gold, copper and bronze are making major headways into the kitchens of the fancy and the trendy.

Contemporary Kitchen by Other Metro Furniture & Accessories ZEITRAUM

That’s very different from the usual grey shades of metal available for kitchens, and I absolutely love it.

Transitional Kitchen by Ladera Ranch Photographers Jessica Claire Photography, Inc

Sometimes even just a touch of warmth makes all the difference between a cold, clinical kitchen and one in which you’re happy to spend a lot of time.

3. Black

Just like with the little dress, black is the color that goes with everything and fits everywhere. And in 2015, that might just be your kitchen.

Contemporary Kitchen by Miami Architects & Building Designers Tomas Frenes Design Studio

It might take a lot of courage to have such a uniformly black kitchen, and the space needs to be quite large so it doesn’t feel suffocating. But if you’ve got the right space, a black kitchen might just be the right kind of palette change.

Transitional Kitchen by San Francisco General Contractors Design Line Construction, Inc.

This kitchen has plenty of white to balance the amount of black; it also has a single splash of color focused in one single area, just for variety. I’d go with red, but that’s just me; the beauty of black is that any color goes with it–and will be beautifully highlighted by its dark surroundings.

4. Statement wallpaper

Can’t do what you want with just paint? No fear, wallpaper is back, and it’s back in force. And you can use it in your kitchen. And no, it doesn’t have to be the boring, traditional flowery wallpaper of old; with plenty of modern, funky and statement patterns to choose from, you’re sure to add a lot of personality to your kitchen.

Transitional Kitchen by Manchester Kitchen & Bath Designers New England Design Works

This is a definitely subtle way to use wallpaper in the kitchen, but I love it. It’s tame enough for those who prefer sleeker designs, but it adds just enough personality to make this kitchen a whole new level of interesting.

Transitional Kitchen by Langley Interior Designers & Decorators McBurney Junction

I love this cool candelabra/floral wallpaper. It highlights the ones hanging from the ceiling, and it follows the style of the wall seating. It gives the cooking area a sense of importance; this says: “this is my special cooking space”.

5. Natural color palettes

Instead of bright primary colors, the kitchen of 2015 will feature more toned down, nature-inspired shades as interpreted through tribal art around the world.

Farmhouse Kitchen by Wellesley Hills General Contractors Landmark Services Inc

Mustard yellow is definitely a favourite for 2015. It’s a suitable color for a kitchen, and it fits with plenty of neutrals.

Contemporary Dining Room by Emeryville Architects & Building Designers Ohashi Design Studio

But don’t be afraid to use deep, vibrant shades like this scarlet accent wall.

What’s in your kitchen plans?

What are your kitchen decoration plans for the new year? Any trends here catch your eye? Share your thoughts and projects in the comments!

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