5 More Alternative Wrapping Ideas For The Holidays

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alternative wrapping scrap paper

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Alternative holiday wrapping is about reducing waste while still being creative. It’s also about personality. Here are 5 ideas to meet all of these goals.


Wrapping paper may be pretty, but it also costs a pretty penny. If you’re looking for some equally beautiful ways to wrap your gifts this holiday season, look no further than the things around your home. By repurposing certain household items, you’ll save money and a trip to the store. Plus, you’ll get a shout-out from Mother Nature for cutting back on unnecessary waste.

Repurposed paper

We know what you’re thinking — wouldn’t paper be a little boring when used as gift wrap? It isn’t when you pick the right paper. Think about all the cool paper you can find lying around the house besides your loose leaf and printer pages.

How about some old sheet music or comic book pages? Old maps also make for delightful wrapping. If you don’t have these lying around your house, check out local thrift shops and garage sales for deep discounts on this unique wrapping option.

map wrapping paper

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Custom paper

We’re all for reusing old paper in fresh new ways. Dig out some scrap papers and get cracking on some cool custom designs. Apply stamps or stickers to create a colorful display, or use markers and colored pencils to create your own holiday drawing.

Another idea we love is creating a personalized word search. Just use a word processor to add in as many hidden words you want, whether it’s the recipient’s name or “Merry Christmas.” Wrap up your gift and circle select words. Trust us, this one will have you looking like a gift wrap genius.


Wine bottles, sweaters, gift baskets — what do they all have in common? They all look incredible when wrapped with a beautiful scarf. This gift-wrap option couldn’t be more perfect for the chilly winter season.

Furoshiki scarf gift wrap

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Whether it’s a light and airy fashion scarf or a totally toasty wool scarf, you can use these versatile items to turn any gift into a two-for-one feature. It’s easy to wrap around and tie up as needed to cover your gift. And if you’re the crafty type, you can even knit the scarf yourself.

Tin foil

Tin foil might not be the greatest thing to reuse around the house, especially if it was once wrapped around your dinner. But just one roll can go a long way, and the shiny silver color makes it perfectly festive for the holidays.

If you create a stash of aluminum wrapping in your house after this year’s celebrations, you can continue to use it as wrapping for next year as well. Another bonus: tin foil easily conforms to gifts of all shapes and sizes, so it’s great for all those oddly shaped objects.


It’s cheap, it’s stylish, and it’s likely already in your craft stash just waiting to be used. Don’t discount the beauty of burlap as a simple gift wrap option. It fits easily around any package and can be secured with pretty twine or ribbon. Other craft scraps you can consider using include felt, construction paper, and yarn.

When combined with our previous post on DIY wrapping paper options, this list makes it easy to find creative gift wrap to fit your needs. This holiday season, commit to creating less waste and more memorable gift packages with these fun ideas.







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