5 More Wood Pallet Decorating Ideas

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Wood pallets are an untapped resource for home decor and smart storage. Here are 5 ideas to adapt and re-use wood pallets for unique look and practicality, too.


The DIY projects you can do with a wood pallet are unending, and you’ll always be able to find creative things to do with reclaimed wood. Pallet DIY projects require at minimum a little bit of sanding knowledge, but once you understand the safety and the basics of working with wood, pallet projects are fun ways to craft custom items for your home’s interior and exterior.

You’ve already used a pallet to make a coffee table; now take your next one and do so much more. Before you start any of your pallet ideas, remember to sand and clean your pallet so it’s safe to use and doesn’t have any rough edges. But otherwise, here are 5 more ideas to think about for re-using wood pallets.

1. Coat hook space

To cut down on coat clutter, creating a new place to hang extra coats (especially when expecting holiday guests at this time of year!) is a great DIY upcycling project for wood pallets.

If you cut a wood pallet in half length-wise (or in thirds, or whatever percentage fits on your wall space) you can attach metal hooks near the top of the pallet and hang it on your wall. Before you attach the hooks, consider staining or painting it so it matches your decor. Either way looks great.

2. Kitchen organizer

Hang your pots and pans from the ceiling by using a pallet to create a kitchen organizer. You’ll have to do some measuring to ensure you mount it low enough that you can reach your utensils, but high enough that you don’t have to duck whenever you come near it. Hooks spaced on the flat boards create the perfect places to hang your Teflon.

3. Pet bed

Crafting a pet bed out of a wood pallet can be as simple or as complicated as you like. You may simply add a few boards to the sides of a cleaned pallet and place some nice comfy pillows inside for an easy pet bed. Or, you might want to dismantle the pallet further to create a more customized piece. It’s up to you, and your pet will love it no matter how you approach the project.

4. Bar stools

Making bar stools out of a wood pallet is a complex DIY project, but if you’ve already made other furniture out of wood pallets, especially tables, then bar stools are a great addition to your decor. Even though you’ll have to dismantle the pallet and cut the wood into the correct lengths, you don’t have to be a professional woodworker to craft great bar stools. After all, part of the charm of pallet furniture is that it looks upcycled.

5. Accent wall

Deconstruct your wood pallet into planks that become a beautiful accent wall. You’ll have to be handy with a saw to get this project done, since you want the pallet planks to completely cover your wall without gaps. Make sure you differentiate how long each plank is so you create a nice pattern. Otherwise, the planks of the same length will all end at the same spot on your wall and create a seam you don’t want.

Even if you’re not great with wood and don’t feel comfortable taking a wood pallet apart, you can still clean and use your wood pallets for great decor ideas.







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