5 Most Neglected Home Improvements By Sellers

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Selling and buying homes successfully are directly linked to home improvements. Which ones shouldn’t one forget to ensure success? Here are a few examples.


The moment you begin thinking about putting your home on the market you begin to think about what improvements need to be done to help your home sell. Having your home professionally inspected is always a good idea. The right eyes can tell you what needs to be updated and what will help your home compete in your market. The popular improvements include: cleaning carpets, kitchen and bath renovations, and painting. But what are the improvements that most sellers are neglecting?

All of the major upgrades need and deserve your attention. Not only will these help increase the value of your home (some more than others), but they will help your home look more desirable to potential buyers. There is no denying that the housing market is very competitive. Especially with the ability to search for your dream home online. Lets take a look at the improvements that will set your home apart:

Room conversion

Most homeowners have that unused room where boxes or holidays decorations are piled up. It is useful for making the rest of your home look clean by removing the clutter that has invaded your home.

But when all of the items are taken out it is just an empty room. Buyers love to see the potential in a home. Converting an unused room or attic space into something useful will add value and appeal to your home. It can be used as an entertainment room, office, studio room and many more options. Ignite the imagination in potential buyers.

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Energy efficiency

Going Green is huge in the housing market today, as well as it should be. If you have an older home it might not be as energy efficient as most desire. Being able to save money on utilities each month can be a major selling point when you are competing in your respective market. There are many ways you can upgrade your home to be more energy efficient:

  • Low Flow Water Fixtures
  • New Insulation
  • Energy Efficient Appliances
  • Programmable Thermostat

These are just a few cost efficient ways to help your home be more energy efficient. Being able to say your home will actually help save a buyer money can only be an intriguing selling point.

Extra storage

One of the major things I hear when someone likes a house but can’t commit, is that it doesn’t have enough storage. Whether it is in the kitchen, bedroom, or laundry room there is just not enough space to put all of their stuff.

Extra storage is an upgrade that will add significant value. I know you have been able to make due while you have been living there, but buyers are looking for storage to help keep their home decluttered. The good news is, it is not an upgrade that will break the bank. In most cases, you can add more storage yourself.

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The great outdoors

If you read any home improvement article it will tell you to maintain your landscape. Yes, you definitely need to make sure your landscape is presentable and will provide curb appeal. But, most neglect boosting their outdoor living area.

If you have a back patio or deck make sure that it is up to par. Fixing cracks, refinishing wood and replacing boards can help your deck or patio look good as new. If you have a beautiful lawn and no way to enjoy it, add a deck or patio. Most homeowners love grilling out and entertaining guests, so give them the place to do just that.

outdoor living improvements decking

Pravol Composite Decking Comfort Plus PVC Decking from BuildDirect.



In most cases, plumbing is neglected by homeowners until something goes wrong. No one wants to hear the dreadful drip or flow of water in their home. That can only mean bad news.

Buyers want to know that they are going into a good situation, not one where there will be issues in the near future. Being able to explain there is new piping in your home can be a good selling point. New or fixed plumbing will only add a piece of mind to a buyer when they are considering your home.

Make improvements that other sellers are not

Giving your home any type of advantage is crucial in today’s market. One way to do that, make improvements that other sellers are not. These 5 home improvements will catch the eye of many potential buyers and end their home search with your listing.

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