5 Most Popular Home-Related New Year’s Resolutions

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With the new year comes new projects around the house, or at least plans for new projects. Though it’s a perennial joke that people have a hard time keeping their New Year’s resolutions, this could be the year you make good on your home improvement promises. Here’s some inspiration.

Home New Year’s Resolutions for All Year Long

1. Get Organized

Cleaning and organizing isn’t just for spring. In fact, putting off cleaning projects is just a guarantee that they’ll seem too daunting when you finally get around to them. Instead, parcel out projects throughout the year.

  • Winter is an ideal time to de-clutter your spaces. It’s cold outside, so you can focus on dry projects indoors. Every week, spend some time on a single room deciding what items can stay and what clutter needs to go.
  • The spring warm-up is best for deep-cleaning carpets or polishing wood flooring. The kids will still be in school, so daytime projects won’t be too crowded.
  • Summer is prime basement organization season since it’ll be nice and cool below ground.
  • Fall means closet organization time. Get ready for the new season and school year by clearing the wardrobe clutter.

2. Earthquake Prep

Tremors can happen at any time of year, but April is Earthquake Preparedness Month. Make it a goal to earthquake retrofit your home by spring. According to the government of the earthquake-heavy State of California, only around 20 percent of homes are earthquake-prepared. Do your part in raising that number this year.

3. Double-Green Improvement

A popular home improvement goal these days is to make a home more energy-efficient and therefore less wasteful. This makes a home “green” in the sense of sustainability and also saves homeowners a lot of “green” in energy bills.

There are a lot of ways to make your home more sustainable, so pick a few small projects and maybe one big project to make your home more energy efficient and less wasteful this year.

4. The Big Remodel

Every homeowner has some major remodeling project hovering around their dreams. It could be that sleek (and pricey) bathroom refurbishment, a big kitchen overhaul, or a complete home office conversion.

If you feel ready to commit the time and money to your big remodel, start the year by researching costs, contractors, and fixtures. For more thrifty improvement projects, consider small quality-of-life improvements like a larger kitchen sink or a better coordinated decor theme in the bathroom.

5. Serving Surfaces

Whether for increased curb appeal or all-around home health, there’s a lot of incentive to improve outdoor surfaces like the driveway and lawn. Though both require special skills to tackle, they’re easy and cheap enough for DIY.

When spring comes along, resurfacing your driveway helps you prepare for the pavement-cracking temperatures of winter, while seeing to your lawn’s health will reduce the likelihood of bug accumulation while keeping your home looking great.

A Fresh Outlook

With the fresh outlook inspired by the new year, get motivated to improve your home this year. This may be the year you dive into a major project. If not, there are plenty of small improvements just waiting to be the star attraction of your most productive weekends.

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