5 New Ways To Display Art: Spring Trends

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Display your favourite art in time for spring with these new trends and ideas. Creative thinking encouraged!


There’s more than one way to display art. Whether you like classic works from well-known painters, edgy graphic design, local illustrators or award-winning photography, you can do more than simply display all your favourite art in the same size frames and in the same linear way.

In fact, this is the year where art display at home is liberated from its traditional confines and becomes, in itself, a form of expression.

Add movement and originality to your decor, complement the style of your art with original displaying methods, and simply have fun with art in your daily life. These are a few of the new and interesting displaying trends for the coming year.

1. Forget the bottom line

The traditional way to display art of different sizes is to line them up at the bottom. But have you ever tried the top line, or even vertically? Have you ever given a thought to a diagonal line? How about along a circle?

Framed art bursts out of its ordinary, bottom-line displaying method to embrace all kinds of new shapes and forms. Keep it simple, but make it fun. Make people relate to your favourite art in new ways.

2. Take a different frame of mind

If a traditional frame isn’t really your thing, fear not: there are plenty of options to hold your favourite art without going the framing route. In fact, alternatives to frames are actually trendy right now.

I’ve seen things as varied as clipboards and paper clips use to display graphic or photo collections. You can mount it on a presentation board or stick them to a magnetic board.

Whatever solution you choose, use it throughout the room (or the house) so it looks like an intentional design choice. Which it is. Own it!

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3. Reach outside the art

A current art trend is to display items related to your art outside of the art itself. A idyllic landscape can be surrounded by little porcelain figures and vintage memorabilia. Modern geometric prints can come along items of the same shapes and colors.

The trick is to focus on what the art could be inspired by, or what it inspires. You can build a whole “art ecosystem” around your main piece by repeating shapes, colors, concepts and objects.

This technique has beautiful and intriguing results, and can be changed often to fit the season or trends. This is definitely one that your friends will admire and want to imitate.

4. Make new art every day

With the larger accessibility of chalk cloth and the arrival of chalk paint on the market, people have been quick to add art-friendly spaces to their homes.

For 2015, adding interactive art spaces to your house is definitely a trend. Design magazines show blackboards and whiteboards appearing in unexpected places: kitchens, hallways, bedrooms and bathrooms.

Some interesting riffs on that concept include rolls of kraft paper installed to the wall with a bucket of markers at hand level. (http://design-milk.com/wall-mounted-kraft-paper-roll-dispenser/) This really cool idea lets you use your creativity for every day activities like shopping lists, family announcements and activity calendars.

5. Light it up

Some well-chosen lighting can become a part of the piece of art itself. Even at night, don’t you want to look at the gorgeous art you’ve displayed?

Try using light from a different perspective: light from the side or above, transform a desk lamp with a long arm into a wall-mounted art/reading lamp, surround your art with little battery-operated tea lamps. The sky (or the ceiling, I guess) is the limite.

How do you display your favourite pieces?

How do you like to display your favourite art? Are you a fan of the random collage (so 2014!) or are you ready to adopt new framing and displaying techniques for 2015? Share your ideas and stories in the comments!

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