5 Non-Toxic Cleaners Your Home: An Infographic

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When it comes keeping our home clean and our indoor air quality healthy, which cleaning products do we choose? Here’s an infographic that outlines some options.


One of the hooks that is offered when it comes to fewer chemicals in the home is that “it’s good for the environment”. That’s certainly true. And it’s a good reminder that we too are a part of that environment.

After all, fewer manufactured chemicals in the cleaning products we use mean that there are fewer of those same chemicals in the air we’re breathing at home. This makes for our own better health, reminding us that we’re not separated from “The Environment”. The Environment is us.

So, how do we choose alternate, non-toxic cleaners that keep our homes smelling clean while also improving our air quality? Here are some tips based on a piece we published recently, and here represented in infographic form.


Your thoughts

What about your cleaning arsenal? Which non-toxic materials do you turn to when it comes to fresher, healthier air?

Is there a middle ground when it comes to choosing cleaners? Which ones do you use sparingly on tougher jobs?

Tell us all about it in the comments section!



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