5 Projects That Really DON’T Add Value To Your Property

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When it comes time to start thinking about selling your home, there are a few things you need to do in order for it to appeal to potential buyers and up the value. There are obvious fixes to address, like repairing the roof or that broken old hot water heater, but there are also some fixes that aren’t worth your time or money. Here are 5 things that don’t add any value to your home.

A swimming pool

If you live in a warmer climate, having a swimming pool in the back yard is a definite perk. However, if you’re planning on breaking ground on a new pool just to add more appeal to potential buyers, think again. A swimming pool can cost anywhere from $10,000 to well over $100,000 and the construction process is quite extensive.

Many potential buyers might view your new addition as a hazard if they have small children, or as an unwanted financial burden, and ask you to dismantle or fill in the pool before they consider purchasing. So be sure to consider this option before you commit.

Over-the-top, expensive landscaping

Beautifying your lawn with decorative trees and flowers might increase your curb appeal and attract more attention, but it won’t add value to your home. While some buyers might be drawn to the colorful additions, they may not be capable of maintaining it, and your hard work can be a deterrent to the average buyer looking for a more low-maintenance approach. Some people might even see your yard as an unwanted and expensive burden to maintain, and pass you over completely.

fancy garden

If you do love to garden, and landscaping is your passion and creative outlet, then do it for those reasons. But, if you’re seeking to feature your landscaping as a means to raise the value of your home, then keep it simple when it comes to your yard. Make sure the grass is taken care of and everything looks healthy. That’s it.

New wall-to-wall carpet

While new carpet sounds nice in an ad, it might actually be a hindrance to your selling process. There are growing concerns about the chemicals used to treat and install carpets and the allergens associated with carpet fibers. Installing carpet is quite expensive and potential buyers might be turned off by the color or feel of the carpet you select.

A big dog sleeping on a cosy carpet

If you really want to improve your flooring situation, look into removing carpets and refinishing wood floors instead. This may prove to be more profitable to you in the end.

Unbalanced renovations

It may seem tempting to fill you kitchen with the latest high-end gadgets, or deck out your bathroom with fancy furnishings, but if the rest of the house is behind the times, one well done room is not going to get you anywhere. Instead of shelling out big bucks for stainless steel appliances, take a look around at the little things. Make sure your home is consistent throughout each room.

Potential buyers might be impressed by the swanky bathroom but if the kitchen and bedrooms need to be completely remodeled, your home will still be considered a fixer-upper.

Selling your home is a long and difficult process and it can be hard to know where to start. So skip these four unnecessary upgrades and focus the things that will make your home someone’s new dream home.


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