5 Quick and Easy Summer Meal Ideas

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Summertime is busy – and hot – so most people don’t feel like cooking. Here are a few suggestions for feeding your family without too much effort.


After a long day in the sun the last thing you probably feel like doing when you get home is turn on the stove and prepare a large hot meal for your family. Here are some great healthy ideas to feed your family when you just aren’t in the mood to cook:


I think this is everyone’s fallback meal when they’re short on time and energy and it’s a good one! Keep a large variety of cut up produce, deli meat and cans of tuna on hand and you can whip up a sandwich quickly.

Bread works of course but try to mix it up a bit – use giant lettuce leaves in place of bread to hold everything in nicely or carve out a cucumber or bell pepper and stuff that with your filling!


If you’re thinking “bah – salads!” yeah, I’m right there with you – until recently! Salad doesn’t have to mean boring iceberg lettuce and a few cut up tomatoes all doused in store bought dressing.

Try a different base – spinach, kale, romaine – all of these alone jazz up your salad and are healthier choices than iceberg. Add cut up veggies such as bell peppers, cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower or fruits like apple, orange and pear.

Then comes the fun part – the toppings! Add hard boiled eggs, shredded or cubed cheese, shredded or cubed meat (chicken and shrimp are particularly awesome in salads) and basically whatever else you want. Nuts and seeds are great additions as well. I know some people who even crumble up taco chips to add to their salads – yum!

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Add some fresh herbs then skip the store bought dressing and sprinkle on a bit of olive oil, lemon juice and maybe a drizzle of honey.

Cold soup

Seriously – grab a red bell pepper, tomatoes, cucumber, avocado, onion, a few of your favorite herbs, a dash of olive oil and a drizzle of lemon juice together and BAM – a quick, easy, TASTY dinner!

Experiment with your favorite veggies and herbs to find a combination your family loves. This is so quick and easy you may not even want to go back to slow cooking your soups this winter!


Most people think of a smoothie as a drink or a snack but as long as you bulk it up a bit it’s truly a meal! Pick your favorite fruits and vegetables – yes vegetables, trust me you can’t even taste most vegetables if they are added to a smoothie. Then blend with yogurt or milk.

To add much needed protein and make this drink into a meal try adding soft tofu, cottage cheese or even peanut butter! Whip it up and drink away.

Make an appy plate

Crackers, cheese, hummus, cut up veggies, chips and salsa – all easy and healthy for your family to munch on during a busy day.

Hard boil a bunch of eggs and they will keep in the fridge for days. Peel and eat them as is or make a plate of devilled eggs – cut in half, scoop out the hardened yolk, mix up with pretty much anything and scoop the filling back into the eggs. I like to add ranch dressing, crumbled bacon and herbs.

What’s your family’s favorite quick, easy, healthy summertime meal?

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