5 Rainy Day DIY Projects

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Rainy days are the perfect time to take care of some DIY projects you’ve always wanted to tackle. Here are 5 possible candidates to consider.


Rainy days are great temptations to curl up on the couch with a good book or a pile of movies and ignore the world for an afternoon. But for people who live for outdoor DIY projects, a rainy day feels like punishment in the timeout chair.

Even if you love working your DIY magic outdoors, a rainy day doesn’t have to mean a day of inaction. Here are five fun and simple DIY projects perfect for rainy days.

1. Resurface your kitchen cabinets

Are you tired of your dull wooden cabinets? Take an afternoon to paint them a crisp, polished white to lighten up your space. Prefer a shot of color? Buy some cute and clever vinyl decals and stencils to give your kitchen a coffeehouse aesthetic. Changing the handles on your cabinets and drawers is another easy way to completely transform your kitchen with a personalized touch.

2. Paint a chalkboard wall

Chalkboard walls are all the rage in home decor this year. Busy couples and families alike love their vintage looks, plus chalkboard walls can add a charming bistro feel. You can buy chalkboard paint at any home improvement store and turn any wall into a giant chalkboard. If you’re really feeling creative, you can make a magnetic chalkboard wall by nailing a thin sheet of galvanized metal to the wall and painting the metal with chalkboard paint.

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3. Make a chalkboard cheese board

If you’ve already bought the chalkboard paint, turn a boring serving platter into a modern and stylish cheese board. Coat the bottom of a square or rectangular platter with chalkboard paint and voilà!

You can even make several smaller ones using square salad plates to suit your style. After all, what else goes with a rainy day in summertime better than a glass of wine? And every glass of wine deserves a little cheese.

4. Create some clever magnets

Have a stack of empty or nearly empty tea tins on your pantry shelf? A hot glue gun and some magnetic sheets can turn them into quaint and convenient fridge magnets, perfect for storing pens, coupons or condiment packs from your favorite takeout place. Has your toddler outgrown those plastic alphabet magnets? Coat them with sparkly silver or gold spray paint for a funky set of letter magnets.

5. Turn a bookcase into a bar

Is that bookcase from your dorm days still collecting dust? You can turn that bookcase into a stylish, compact bar with only a few basic tools, some paint, and wine and stemware racks from your local hardware store.

Rearrange the shelves, or remove a few, so that you have at least 12 inches of space between the shelves. Screw the wine and stemware racks into the top two shelves. Then sand and paint your bookcase to match your decor; textural paints or sponging add a fun pop of visual interest. Put shakers, bottles of liquor, and other bar accessories on the bottom shelf.

If rain is in your forecast, turn adversity into adventure and tackle one of these awesome, rainy-day DIY projects.


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