5 Reflective Surfaces To Diffuse Natural Light In Spaces

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There are all sorts of tricks you can use to make your home feel brighter, but using reflective surfaces is one of the easiest ways. Take a look at these five reflective surfaces you can use to encourage more natural light in your home.

High-gloss paint

High gloss paint gives your walls a sheen that perfectly reflects light. It makes a space feel brighter because of the shine. However, carefully choose where to use high-gloss paint because it shows every imperfection in your walls.

If you want to encourage natural light in your space without the overwhelming shine, just choose one accent wall to paint. Then, leave the rest of the walls in a neutral, semi-gloss paint to balance the space.

Glass décor throughout the space

Another way to encourage natural light in your home is with glass décor. Place glass bowls, glass knick-knacks, and furniture with glass surfaces throughout your space to reflect light around the room. Glass gives your home a fancy feel and makes it brighter.

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Of course, this isn’t always a great idea if you have kids running around since glass is dangerous if it breaks. Yet, at the same time glass decor that is positioned at the right height can help you avoid this problem.

Mirrors on the wall

Mirrors are common décor pieces no matter what style you like. They come in every shape and size and feature ornate designs or sleek lines. Mirrors are easy to incorporate into your space because they match any color, but they are most commonly placed on the wall.

Also, mirrors make a space look larger because they reflect light. Find a mirror and hang it on a large wall, above a fireplace, or as the first thing you see when you enter a space. Your space will feel bigger and brighter.

Choose light colors over dark

Dark wood and dark colors are trendy, but they make a room feel cramped, dark, and hot. When possible, choose light, airy colors to decorate your space. Light colors reflect which brings more natural light into your space. Wear a dark-colored shirt out in the sun and you’ll realize how dark colors absorb the sun instead of reflecting it.

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Of course, this is often down to balance. Balancing dark accents with a lighter overall spectrum can help to bring out the vibrancy of the light you’re helping to diffuse.

Incorporate water into your space

Water is another reflective element that can make your space feel like it has more natural light. The easiest way to add water in your space is with a fountain or fish tank. Both can easily become the focal point of a room and add a reflective surface for more light at the same time. If you want to use water in your space, just remember that is requires more upkeep than most décor items.

A sense of space, and well-being

Reflective surfaces make a space feel larger than it is, and helps to diffuse more natural light in it. This is not just about how your space will look in terms of a sense of space. More natural light also helps you to feel even better when you’re in your space, boosting the chemicals that enhance a good mood and a sense of well-being.

Choose the reflective surfaces that work best in your decor and start designing a brighter space today.


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