5 Secrets To Big Style With Small Home Decor Changes

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Discover five secrets to making a big home decor impact with small, inexpensive changes throughout your home.


Sometimes, we need to shake up our routine a little bit. A new hobby, making new friends, going dancing when it’s been years since you’ve been to bed later than 11PM: all of these are small but effective ways to give a little kick to your boring daily life. Even the smallest shake-up of your routine can make big waves in your life.

Similarly, when you want to add some big style to your home decor, you don’t need to knock down a wall or buy new furniture: sometimes the smallest changes can work together to make a big design splash. What’s the secret? Well, here are five of them.

Secret #1: add a little you

Adding something that screams “you” is a great way to make a big personal impact in any room. Whether it’s a painting you love (or painted yourself, why not!), a favourite quote stenciled on the wall, or an item you had a love-at-first-sight moment with even though it doesn’t fit with your decor, adding a little you will always have a big effect.

Heirloom items, handcrafted things, DIY shelves, a table in your favourite color: there are plenty of ways to add a dash of you in your home. Just let your imagination and creativity show you the way, and don’t be afraid of things “not matching”.

Secret #2: use the unexpected

Sometimes a small unexpected element–a clashing color, a piece of wood furniture where everything is glass and metal, a leather chair in a fabric living room–can make a big difference in the style of the room. Or you can do something that’s not typical: get rid of the couch in favor of cushions, put your mattress on the floor instead of on a bed frame, add a set of fake moose antlers in an otherwise feminine room.

The unexpected comes in many different forms, obviously, but adding a sense of surprise is an easy way to make people say “wow” when they enter the room. It’s up to you to see what kind of surprise your room needs, and what kind of surprise will keep you interested in your decor too.

Secret #3: light it up with creativity

Lamps and lighting are often underused when it comes to good home decor–after all, it’s easy to put lighting in the “functional category”. And that makes small lighting changes a good candidate for big style.

Think of where lighting typically goes–over the dining table, on each side of the couch, above the bed–and do something different. Use wall sconces in the dining room. Switch to dimming floor lamps in the living room and get rid of the side tables. This is a bit like secret #2, but with lighting.

Secret #4: add storage without concern

Sometimes when we think of storage, we think of it in terms of where to put it so it doesn’t clash with our decor. But it doesn’t need to be like this.

Storage is an integral part of every home, and its presence doesn’t make a space look ugly. In fact, it makes you look practical and organized. So don’t be afraid to add those extra shelves or cabinets to put away your favorite books, movies, toys, wooden sculptures or whatever needs to be stored. There are plenty of design-friendly way to improve your storage space.

Secret #5: think design everywhere

Design belongs everywhere in our lives, not just in the living room or bedroom. Look at your neglected spaces–staircases, powder rooms, entrances, corridors–and see what you can do to add a little design to it. It can be a simple painting or photograph on the wall, a new wallpaper, or any other design item that catches your eye.

Having a little bit of design everywhere–it doesn’t have to be expensive or world-shattering–will have a big impact on the style of your home.

Think small, do big

These tips and ideas are generally inexpensive and easy to integrate to an already established decor. To make a big impact, you really don’t need to make giant renovations: a few carefully chosen items will do the trick.

What about you? Have you ever tried making a big decor impact with small changes and items? Let us know in the comments!


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