5 Signs It’s Time To Move

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When it comes to outgrowing your home, how do you know when enough is enough? Here are five big reasons to know when to say goodbye to a property.


There are many reasons that cause us to relocate our families and lives to a new home or city. There are often certain signs that indicate it is time to move.

The signs most likely go unnoticed for several reasons. You may be emotionally attached to your home, not want to take your kids out of their current school, fear being further away from family. Whatever it is, these five reasons that prove it is time to move should not be ignored.

1. You’re running out of room

If you are single, have a small family, or are the Brady Bunch you are going to run out of room at some point in time. Each room will begin to accumulate more and more items making that once spacious living area seem ever so cramped.

As the kids get older, the rooms become smaller. It will soon feel like you are living on top of each other. Do you have to use a bathroom as a storage unit? This is a sign that you might need more space.

If you notice that you are running out of space in your home for storage, recreation, and other aspects of your life it is probably time to move.

2. You have too much space

Believe it or not, you can have too much space in your home. There are a number of signs that you have too much space. For example if the kids have left the nest, you bought a larger home than you needed, or you have recently become single you may have too much space in your home. Believe it or not, too much room can quickly become a burden.

Financially, physically, and emotionally it can take its toll. You are likely heating rooms that you never go in or cleaning areas that no one will ever see. Having too much space can leave one feeling empty and wasteful. You might also find yourself buying items just to fill up that empty space.

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3. There’s too much to remodel

The television shows make it look so easy, but we all know that a remodel is not that simple. The pros on reality TV easily tear  down rooms and throw them right back up with no problems. What they don’t show is the time, money and effort required for each project. I am sure we could remodel our home as easy as they do with an unlimited budget and all the tools that are available to us, but that is not a realistic goal.

As a homeowner, remodeling is inevitable, but some home improvements are not necessarily worth your time and money. You might have bought an older home that needs upgrading or certain things are just out of style. Some homebuyers might see this as an opportunity to create a home the way they want.

4. Your neighborhood has changed

Neighborhoods have changed drastically over the years. It seems that kids playing outdoors with their friends and backyard barbeques are a thing of the past. Instead, in many areas the crime rate has increased drastically. If your neighborhood is getting a little too crazy, it might be time to go.

A neighborhood could change for many reasons. School zonings might have moved causing a significant change. You may have new neighbors that cause problems. Homes that are not well kept could cause the value of your home to drop. Or, they finally built that strip mall right behind your neighborhood causing all kinds of issues. A new neighborhood could be just what your family needs.

5. You’ve got a good return on your investment

You have been investing in your home for years putting money, blood, sweat, and tears into the overall appearance of it. You have kept your home up to date and have always taken care of any issues. And now, your home’s value has increased exponentially. Selling your home now could be financially beneficial.

Reaping the benefits

Selling your home now and moving into a less expensive home or area with a lower cost of living will allow you to use those funds in other areas. A home is an investment, and if you take care of that investment you should be able to reap the benefits.



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Caleb McElveen

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