5 Signs That Your Bathroom Plumbing Needs Attention

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Your plumbing is an integral part of life at home. Here are some signs that your pipes need your attention for continuing function, and for your comfort, too.


Between flushing toilets, filling up sinks, taking hot showers, and relaxing in warm baths, your bathroom and plumbing go through a lot on a daily basis. Unfortunately, sometimes you’ll run into problems. Some of these problems are cosmetic or simple fixes, but other times they can signify larger issues. Consider these five signs you need to fix your bathroom plumbing.

1. There’s knocking in your pipes

The only knocking you should hear in your house should come from the front door. If you hear knocking in your pipes when you’re filling the tub or taking a shower, you need to get it checked out. The most common cause of knocking is “water hammer.”

This is when you have loose support straps, loose valves in your pipe system, pressurization in the pipes after use, or water pressure that’s too high. If you let these problems go, the pipes could break free and spring a leak.

2. The water is any color but clear

If the water coming out of your pipes is any color but clear, you have a plumbing issue. If the water is red, yellow, or brown, that could mean there’s rust in the water. Old pipes or a water main break in your area are two main causes of this issue.

Cloudy or white water usually means there’s air in your pipes. If you have green or blue water coming out of your pipes, your copper plumbing is either partially or totally corroded.

3. The water won’t drain

We’ve all faced a sink or shower that either won’t drain or is slow to drain. Sometimes, simply using a commercial pipe cleaner, boiling water, or a pipe snake can clear whatever obstruction is blocking the drain.

However, if you’ve tried these options and the water still isn’t draining, it’s a sign of problems in the plumbing itself. You might have pooled water in the main drain or a broken pipe that needs to be replaced.

4. You suddenly have low water pressure

If you turn on the tap and get a small trickle instead of your usual blast of water, you might have a clogged faucet or shower head. Tie a plastic bag full of vinegar over the faucet or head for several hours and then try again.

If you’re still not getting a full blast of water, you might have a leak in your pipes, a clog in the pipes, or a damaged water heater.

5. The faucets are old

Faucets are mechanical tools, and just like anything mechanical, they don’t last forever. If you notice a leak around your faucet, you have two choices: repair it or replace it. If you like the faucet you have, you can simply try to repair the leak and keep the main parts.

However, keep in mind that if your faucet is very old, it might be difficult to find the necessary parts to repair it. In that case, it’s usually easier and cheaper to simply buy a new faucet.

Keep an eye out

The plumbing in your house is very important, and it’s always a good idea to keep an eye out for any changes. Regular maintenance can prevent a small problem from escalating into a larger one.


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