5 Sixty Minute Home Improvement Projects: An Infographic

Home improvements don’t have to take a long time to be meaningful. Here’s a graphic and post covering 5 one hour home improvement and maintenance jobs.


Home improvement means a number of things to different people. After all, we live in different kinds of homes and in different parts of the country. Even personal values and culture plays a big part in what it means to improve a home. But, I think there is a single common denominator when it comes to home improvement projects; they have to be meaningful.

We don’t always have time or lots of money to devote to the kinds of home improvements we see on the plethora of TV shows that feature big dramatic reveals. But, maybe we have an hour on the weekend to make a small, yet (that word again) meaningful change for the better in our homes. These are the kinds of changes that make us feel like we’ve really accomplished something good in our lives, however small.

Take a look at this graphic based on an earlier piece we published that lists 5 examples of small, quick, and meaningful changes you can make to really improve your home.

BuildDirect_60secondHomeProjects_v1 copy


How have you improved your home?

What are some of the small projects you’ve undertaken that you’re particularly proud of that took the least amount of your time?

What do you think of the idea of home improvement as a meaningful act? What other common denominators do you feel all home improvement projects share?

If you had a week to spend and the budget to support it, what bigger project would you undertake to add meaning to your home?

Tell us your stories and your points of view in the comments section below!

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