5 Steps For Creating a Fun, Functional Teenage Home Hangout

hangout space for teens

Setting up a special hangout space for your teens will make them excited to hang out at home! Here are a few easy, inexpensive ideas to get you started.


If you have teenagers, or kids who are close to being teenagers, you know they may not enjoy hanging out in the living room with you as much anymore, and that inviting friends over to play with dolls in their room is a thing of the past.

So why not make an area in your home where they, and their friends, will actually want to spend time in. Here are a few ideas to make it fun, and functional.

5 Steps to Creating a Hangout Space for Your Teens

1. Chose the right spot

A spare room is great if you have it, or you can look into transforming your basement, garage, or attic. If your kids had a playroom and they are all grown out of it, this is the perfect room to convert. You may even consider letting them take over your family room if you have no other options – family functions can still be held there, but it can be theirs most nights of the week.

2. Create some sound-dampening

You don’t necessarily have to go all out with complete insulation and noise reduction, but you don’t want to be disturbed, and nor do your neighbors. If your teens are playing their music or video games later on at night, it’s best to do something to keep the sound at least somewhat isolated.

Cork underlay is a fairly inexpensive idea for helping to reduce the sound from vibrating through the floor when installing laminate or wood flooring. You may also wish to look into getting new windows in the room as noise can seep through older, thinner models to avoid disturbing the neighborhood.

long plank cork flooring board close up

Cork has natural sound-dampening qualities due to its cellular structure that absorbs vibrations. This layer allows even less sound to travel for maximum noise reduction.

3. Furnish it

You want them to be comfortable, but there’s no need to go all out. Old couches and chairs are fine – even a bunch of large cushions on the floor will likely suffice. But don’t forget to put down some rugs if the room isn’t carpeted or corked – rugs will also help to soundproof a bit, especially from footsteps.

hangout space for teens

Mazama Hardwood – Handscraped Tropical Collection / SKU: 10093346

4. Set up a bar area

Don’t worry – I’m not talking about serving alcoholic beverages to your teens! But building a bar area is a good idea so they can store all their snacks and (non-alcoholic) beverages. A sink, a small fridge, and some cupboards or drawers for plates, cups, and anything else they use often, will come in handy so they don’t have to make trips back and forth to the kitchen.

hangout space for teens

Vesdura Vinyl Planks – Invicta Collection / SKU:15270565

5. Ask for their input on decor

They won’t use it if they don’t like it! So ask your teen(s) what they want in the room, and how they want it to look – within reason of course. You should probably make them decorate it, or at least greatly help out – why should you do all the work!

Something fun to do is to paint a chalkboard wall or two so they can graffiti the walls all they want with no consequences. Same goes with magnetic paint so they can hang up their awards and other things they want to show off.

How about your house?

Do you have a hangout space set up for the teen(s) in your home? Let us know in the comment section what changes you made to accommodate your teens and their friends.

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