5 Steps To An Organized Garage


Is your garage cluttered with boxes, and does it have items scattered across the floor? Do you worry about your car fitting with everything else? Garages are excellent storage spaces, but they should be organized to maximize space, defend against any pests and fit your car.

If your garage seems like a challenge to put in order and you’re uncertain about how to start, hiring a professional organizer costs between $470 and $680. For those who want to tackle the project themselves, here is a quick outline on how to do it:

1. Sort and decide what to keep.

Take everything out of the garage and put it on your driveway. Decide what you need to keep—lawn tools, electric tools, car accessories—and what needs to go to a consignment store. If anything doesn’t belong in the garage, move it to the proper place. Then do a thorough cleaning so it’s ready to store your items without layers of dirt on them.

2. Install shelves or cabinetry.

Shelves and cabinetry are extremely useful storage tools for garages. You can buy and build freestanding shelves that nail into the wall so they don’t lean or sway. Another option is to have cabinets professionally installed, so there’s plenty of floor space beneath them for additional storage. Cabinet installation costs range between $4,600 and $6,900.

3. Put items in bins for easier organization.

Depending on the kind of storage shelving, you can also purchase and use storage bins for grouping together items. If you have cans of paint for the house, they could be placed in a bin and marked so they’re all together. The same could be done with smaller bins for car parts, lawn soil and mulch. If you do plan to place them on shelves, be sure to buy ones that fit on the shelf and not hang or take up most of a shelf.

4. Mount pegboards and slat walls for tools.

You can organize tools, ladders and bicycles with pegboards and slat walls. These have open spaces for homeowners to place pegs, nails or hooks however they want. This allows you to hang anything from tools to ladders and easy access to items while keeping everything in a set place rather than scattered about the garage.

5. Hang racks from the ceiling for more storage space.

You can also utilize the ceiling space in the garage by installing metal racks and placing bins in them. This is another storage option for ladders as well if homeowners have an easy way to reach it like a stepladder or low ceiling. Be sure not to install metal racks too close to the garage door or the overhead panel as it could block the door. Also, in garages with rafters, homeowners can lay long plywood boards across that space and utilize it for storage as well.

Your own garage organization tips?

Have you got strategies of your own that don’t appear on this list, and should? Tell us all about them in the comments section of this post.

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