5 Suggestions For Starting Family Holiday Traditions

The holidays are filled with family traditions and this is the perfect year for your family to adopt some new customs. Whether you’re looking for fun activities or heartwarming gestures, there are plenty of traditions that will bring your family closer this holiday season. With happy holidays in mind, here are five traditions your family can adopt this winter.

1. Make your own ornaments

Instead of using the same old ornaments on the tree this year, why not get the family together for a little holiday ornament arts and crafts time. That’s right, having everyone make their own ornament is a great way to get the family together during the holidays.

kids making homemade christmas ornaments

You can buy matte white Christmas balls and have your family members paint their own holiday designs, or you can make ornaments from scratch. Just make sure everyone signs and dates their ornament so you can track the tradition through the years.

2. Watch a holiday movie together

Gathering in the family room to watch everyone’s favorite holiday movie is one of the best ways to celebrate the holidays. You can make movie-time a tradition by cooking popcorn and having family members wear their favorite holiday-themed pajamas.

If you can’t decide which movie to watch, have each person write their choice on a piece of paper and draw the movie from a hat. You can also make movie night a two or three night marathon so everyone gets to see their favorite film.

3. Organize an official family reunion

The holidays are a time for family, which is why it’s the perfect time of year to host a family reunion. You can turn your holiday celebration into an official family reunion by sending out postcards to relatives and family friends.

Although you’ll probably have to prepare a larger feast and find some extra seating for all your guests, a holiday family reunion is the ultimate tradition. Besides, there’s no better way to create togetherness than reaching out to relatives you haven’t seen in a while.

4. Start a flag football tournament

If you’re looking for a friendly family competition this holiday season, then start a flag football tournament. You can invite uncles and cousins and out-of-town guests to play in your flag football tournament. Choose teams, create brackets, and throw in a holiday-themed trophy for the champions – it’s loads of fun. Even in the snow, and maybe especially in the snow, this can be a way to stay active too.

5. Hunt for presents

Forget about simply placing gifts under the tree, because hunting for presents is way better. Hiding your loved one’s presents around the house is an entertaining change to the gift-giving tradition and will make each present seem that much more special.

You can either hide gifts at random or create scavenger hunt clues that send your family on a real treasure hunt. If the weather outside isn’t too frightful, you can take your hiding spots outdoors and really send your family on a hunt.

When it comes to putting a new twist on your holidays, keep in mind these fun and fresh traditions.


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