5 Tips for Using Feng Shui to Reduce Stress

Feng Shui Shelving

Feng Shui is an old Eastern practice that involves creating harmony between a home and its inhabitants. That harmony is created by using the right kinds of colors and materials to design and decorate the interior and exterior of a home. The point of Feng Shui is to help a person focus on positive energy and block out negative vibes. In order to do that, you have to be able to use the elements of Feng Shui in the areas of your home that cause the most stress.

Home office

Creating Feng Shui in a home office is relatively simple. Two of the more dominant aspects of Feng Shui are Earth tone colors and the calming effects of water. When you use darker colors for your office decor, and include a desk or wall fountain as well, then you are incorporating the major elements of Feng Shui that can help to make you more relaxed throughout the day.


The kitchen of a home becomes a gathering place. It is the room where a lot of family discussions take place. Needless to say, the kitchen can become a real source of stress.

Metal is an element of Feng Shui that not many people utilize properly. Stainless steel appliances can help your family to focus on important topics of discussion and discourage wasteful conversation. In a kitchen, fire in the form of table candles can also help to bring everyone into focus and keep the room peaceful.

Child’s Playroom

Feng Shui is something you can teach your children. When you get children used to good habits at young ages, they are more likely to retain those habits as they get older. A sense of organization and how it affects mood and enjoyment in a space is one of the five important elements of Feng Shui and it can apply to your child’s playroom.

Teach your child how to put his toys away and keep their room organized. If you turn it into a game, your child may react more positively and even help you create a sense of Feng Shui in the playroom.

Room Entryways

Much of the stress that comes with a room can first hit you when you walk through the door. The problem can often be the stark contrast of colors from room to room. One way to solve this problem is to use color to transition from one room to another. If you are going from a light colored hallway to a dark room, use the entryway as a transition. Feng Shui is about continuity, and using colors to transition from one room to the next is very effective.


A garage, by its very nature, breaks many of the rules of Feng Shui. It is disorganized, the colors tend to not match, the floor is cold, and it is not very inviting. Use wood paneling and Earth tone colored curtains to help bring a sense of focus to the room. You can also think about going as far as putting in a garage floor surface that matches the flow of the wall colors.

Until you actually subscribe to Feng Shui, you have no idea how effective it can really be. By bringing balance and continuity to various rooms in your home, you can reduce stress and take some time to breathe.


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