5 Tips to Embrace Winter In Your Home Decor

The winter months don’t have to be bleak and dreary ones. You can spice up the look and feel of any room in your house and add a spark by adding touches of a winter wonderland theme. It doesn’t require you to spend a lot of time or money, or even redecorate the entire room. Follow these five simple and easy tips to bring a feeling of wonderment to your home.

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Change the Color Scheme

When you think of a winter wonderland, you likely think snow white and icy blues. You can easily infuse these colors into a room. Consider adding some throw pillows and hanging new drapes in the living room. Change your bed linens and paint one accent wall in your bedroom. You can even choose an accent color, such as red, long after the holidays are over to keep the feeling of winter inside. Cover a table with a shimmery blue cover and add two ice blue covered chairs to the room.

Mix in Textures and Layers

Just as we layer up on clothes, jackets, hats and scarves, you can layer the furnishing of your home to add winter warmth. Turn your ornate blankets and quilts into coverings for your tables. Place a plush and warm area rug in almost any room of the house to keep your feet warm. Choose fabrics that have a glittery look or a snowflake pattern to give it the wintery look and feel.

Add Warmth

Use your fireplace in any room of the house that has one. You can even add a portable fireplace, allowing it to warm the room while giving it the look of winter. Warm and low lighting can also turn a space into a winter wonderland. Decorate with candles that have a glittery or shiny sheen.

Make it Sparkle

Shimmery curtains and any décor that glitters and shines can turn a room into a wintery room. Hang white string lights along surfaces, such as along the fireplace mantle, or around the perimeter of a room, to give it a starry night feel. Stick sparkling snowflake decals to mirrors. Dangle glittery snowflakes decorations from the ceiling.

Use Nature

When you think of winter, certain images likely pop into your head. Use this imagery to find the items to decorate the rooms of your home. Pine tree branches and pine cones make great decorations for fireplace mantles, tables or to fill decorative bowls and vases for placement around your home. Even a potted pine tree brings the scent of winter inside while adding greenery to the room. Use bare tree branches and twigs as accent décor. You can even add a silhouette or decal featuring a deer, tree branches or a snow scene to any wall in your home.

Bring the imagery of winter inside your home. You can then enjoy the rest of the winter months long after the holiday season is over. It’s simple to do without having to redecorate your entire home and without breaking the bank either.

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