5 Unique Ideas For Waking Up Your Walls

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Waking up your walls means so much more than paint and/or wallpaper. Here are a few unique ideas for a wall solution you can – and should incorporate!


You’ve hung all types of art, you’re tired of wallpaper, and you just can’t bear to paint your walls one more time. You’re so sick of your walls and have no idea what to do next. Pick out your favorite wall solution to make your walls – and you – happy!

1. Wall Paneling

The flimsy, cheap, wood wall paneling you remember from a few decades ago is a thing of the past! This wall solution is all new wall paneling, that gives a modern feel, or can re-create the classic rustic look if you choose. Paneling is a lot better constructed and durable than it was before and looks great, no matter which style you pick. Wall paneling also offers you some natural soundproofing, making it ideal for family rooms or bedrooms.

Old boat wall paneling

Grafton Wall Paneling – Old Boat “Perahu Storm” from BuildDirect.

Choose from all sorts of finishes and colors for your paneling, and textures such as marble and granite, even leather or snake skin! Go nuts!

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2. Tiles

Tiles – as a wall solution? Yes – tiles! Not just for bathroom walls, laundry rooms, and kitchen backsplashes anymore – go ahead and do a wall – or two – in tile in ANY room! Tile looks fabulous as an accent around fireplaces and windows. But you know what? Since tile comes in all sorts of colors, sizes, and textures this would look incredibly unique in any pattern, on a full wall, in any room.


Tile for walls does have to be just for bathrooms or kitchens. They don’t even have to completely dominate a wall. Try tile as wainscoting for entryways, hallways and for other rooms for a classical effect. In addition to being highly decorative, wall tile is very easy to maintain.

Wall tiles are a lot easier to put up than you may think, and require very little maintenance as they are so easy to keep clean.

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3. Mosaic

Much like standard wall tiles, mosaics add a unique, easy to apply, touch to any room. Choose from ceramic, metal, glass, or natural stone to get any look you want, from incredibly modern, to a cozy rustic feel. You can create any pattern and design you want and get everyone who visits talking about your incredible wall!


Izmir brand travertine wall mosaic tile. Mosaics are a way to add visual interest, whether its travertine like this, glass, metal, or ceramic mosaics. Use them to create an accent wall, or just part of an accent wall to accompany textured treatments, artwork, or painted surfaces. The limits are down to you and your vision for a space.

4. Vinyl Planks

Yes, the very same ones you can do your floor in! Why not? Again, these come in so many different colors and textures, and they are a unique alternative to wood walls.

Planks are super easy to install – they simply interlock and look totally natural. You can match your floor to get a continuous look, or go with a completely different color or pattern to mix it up a bit.

wood flooring vinyl plank wall cladding

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5. Fabric

I saw this done at a friend’s house a few weeks back and it looked incredible! Much like how you would make your own headboard you can do a whole wall, easily and inexpensively.

You likely could apply your fabric pieces directly to your walls, but the way I’ve seen it done, and a better way to create a bit more texture, is to get a piece of wood, cover it with a thin piece of foam and apply the fabric to that. Then, simply wrap it around and nail or staple it to the back. Then you can add some button details by pushing in the foam, leave it hanging naturally, or add other accents.

Experiment and have some fun with this one to make your wall really stand out – choose one color and texture to do the whole wall, or combine several colors in panels . The way I saw used the same color, but different textures of fabric and it created a really unique effect.

The best thing about this one is that you can easily change it up with different fabrics or colors as the seasons, or your moods, change.

Waking up your walls

What unique ways have you decorated or changed your walls? Let us know in the comment section!

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