5 Uses For A Garage Beyond Car Storage

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When winter is on its way, you need all the interior space you can get before the big freeze takes over. Luckily, your garage provides tons of square footage for just about anything you can think of during those chilly fall and winter months. In order to help you with your space issues throughout the snowy season, here are four uses for your garage other than parking your car.

1. Indoor patio

During the winter, do you long for those relaxing summer evenings in the back yard? If so, then set up your patio furniture in your garage. That’s right, transferring your patio furniture accessories from your back yard to your garage during the winter is the perfect way to enjoy that backyard experience all year long.

You can arrange your furniture just the way you would outside except for a few subtle changes. Instead of grass, use an artificial grass rug and instead of a fire pit, use a ceramic space heater to provide some extra warmth.

2. Exercise space

Winter snowstorms and chilly weather make it difficult to jog the neighborhood and ride your bike. In order to keep that notorious winter weight off, why not turn your garage into an exercise space? Your garage is an ideal location to set up an indoor gym for just about any kind of exercising.

If you’re into weight lifting, put a bench and some dumbbells in the corner. If you’re into yoga, throw down yoga mats, turn up the music, and get to work. Likewise, because your garage is designed to accommodate a car, it leaves you plenty of room for a recumbent bicycle or a treadmill. Also, if you want to raise the heat and get a good sweat going, just plug in a space heater.

3. Music room

They didn’t call it “garage rock” for nothing! When you’re not using your garage to store your car, why not use it to store your amps, your drums, your upright piano, your sousaphone, and other musical equipment? Better yet, use it as your rehearsal space once you’ve sound-proofed it. Even if you rock hard, your neighbors will appreciate that extra step.

4. Winter workshop

Do-it-yourselfers rejoice because a car-free garage provides the perfect space to keep those home improvement projects going throughout the year. Stocking your garage with a few workbenches and upright toolboxes will immediately transform the space into a handyman’s dream. Also, installing a high power exhaust fan will give you the opportunity to do a little light painting in your garage workshop too.

5. Bachelor suite

Another route is to go whole hog with a self-contained bachelor suite in your unused garage. This will depend very heavily on your local building codes and permits of course. But, if you aren’t using your garage other than as a place where clutter goes to die, then why not turn it into a space that adds value to your home? And why not rent it out and help you finance the project, and your mortgage too?

All kinds of potential

Once again we find that sometimes our spaces don’t reflect where we are in our lives, and re-inventing them can be a great way to make the most of the space we’ve got as it suits our needs. This is especially true when we adapt a space like a garage to be more in line with our passions. The above five ideas certainly serve as good examples.

What would be one of your ideas?

Tell us in the comments section!

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