5 Ways to a Cuddlier Cozier Warm Home in Winter

What happens when Old Man Winter plants his icy kiss on Mother Nature’s cheek? Baby, it gets cold outside.

When temperatures plummet, nothing beats coming home to a house that makes you feel all gooey and warm on the inside. This winter, cuddle up to these five housewarming concepts and bathe yourself in the bliss of a snuggly, happy home.

Cozy warm room book blanket

Warm layers

Frigid weather makes us long for the insulation we knew in the womb. Create a sense of physical warmth by layering furniture, windows, and floors with textured fabrics and tapestries that convey feelings of abundance and comfort. Pile plush pillows onto couches and drape armchairs with luxurious throws or quilts.

Layer thick draperies over window sheers and blinds. Cover bare floors with toe-sinkable rugs and floor runners. Anything you can do to dress up drafty spaces and “bundle up” your abode will create a sense of warmth and security in your home.

Warm colors

Author and designer Stephanie Hoppen recommends homeowners “take the chill off” by accenting with reds, oranges, and browns.  These shades relax the eye and lend an earthy beauty to your home. You don’t have to re-paint walls or furniture to achieve this effect: Simply add an accent piece like a rustic orange rug or a spicy red chair to a neutrally painted room for a splash of heat.

For a balanced color palette, make sure your chosen accent hue accounts for no more than 10 percent of the color in your room.

red and purple living room

Warm textures

Combat the bleak atmosphere of winter with three-dimensional textures that are thrilling to see and touch. Add wicker baskets and wool rugs to your floor for a homey, cabin-like decor. Hang well-worn quilts and textured tapestries on your walls for a sensuous visual display.

Shelves full of hardcover books create the feeling of a cozy library. A table centerpiece of pine branches, shaped candles, or holiday ornaments is a feast for the eyes. Anything you can do to add dimension to your decor will expand the sense of texture in your home.

Warm lighting

Overhead fluorescent lighting can feel particularly jarring in the dead of winter. Trade harsh ceiling lights for glowing wall sconces and vibrant floor lamps. Choose lightbulbs that are lower on the Kelvin degree scale for gentle yellow lighting. According to Energy Star, lightbulbs measuring between 2,700K and 3,000K give off soft, warm light, whereas bulbs of 3,500K and up give off harsh, cool light.

Warm aromas

Do you like the scent of freshly cut pine trees, hot cinnamon rolls, or baking sugar cookies? Pleasant aromas give your abode a feeling of authenticity and trigger happy, heartwarming memories of yesteryear. Strategically place scented candles, scented pine cones, or baskets of potpourri in every room. Your senses will thank you.

It happens every year: Old Man Winter has his annual fling with Mother Nature.  When these two hook up, the rest of us just want to hunker down and stay warm.  You can’t stop winter from coming, but you can turn your home into the coziest nest on the block by experimenting with these simple housewarming concepts.



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