5 Ways To Create A Healthy Spaces At Home

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Pollutants in the air, toxins in cleaning products, and chemicals in the bedroom — it’s enough to send any sane person running for the hills to take up a nomadic lifestyle. If that sounds a bit extreme, but you still want a healthy home, consider these five tips to help create one.

Make your bedroom more conducive to sleep

The best parties may well end up in the kitchen, but the heart of your home — the place where you relax and rejuvenate — is the bedroom. Sleep is when your body expels toxins; a task that’s considerably harder to accomplish if you’re surrounded by more of the same. An eco-designed bedroom with wood flooring, an organic mattress and bedding, and no-VOC paint — and without digital distractions — can help create a healthy environment.

Reduce indoor air pollution

According to State of the Air 2014, a report by the American Lung Association, poor air quality remains a threat to health. It seems that every time you step outside, you expose yourself to harm. The opposite should be true of your home, but mold, pollen, and tobacco smoke all create indoor air pollution. An air filtration system is an excellent home improvement; a natural alternative to filter pollutants is to use plants such as peace lilies or weeping figs.

Ditch conventional cleaning products

There’s no denying the satisfaction invoked by a sparkling clean home, but that satisfied feeling probably comes at a cost if you’re using regular shop-bought cleaning products. Aside from the risk of accidental ingestion, conventional cleaning products often contain dangerous chemicals.

In theory, this is a valid excuse to never do housework again. Alternatively, try natural products such as lemons and white vinegar before throwing in your cleaning towel forever.

Reap the benefits of indoor gardening

Gardening is often associated with a healthy mind and body. There’s something about growing plants that’s immensely therapeutic, so why not bring the outdoors inside? Don’t limit yourself to pot plants; there are several varieties of vegetables and herbs that’ll thrive indoors.

Not only will you save money on groceries, you’ll also have a steady supply of fresh homegrown produce — which will presumably be great pals with your newly acquired peace lilies.

Feng shui

The ancient Chinese art of Feng Shui perpetuates the idea that everything in your environment has its own energy or ‘chi.’ Clutter in the home — over and above the single junk drawer that every home seems to have — can result in stagnant or unbalanced energy flow. In turn, this imbalance can affect your well-being. If the concept seems overwhelming, why not concentrate on ditching the clutter and play the minimalism game?

Start putting these tips into practice now, and your home could be healthier in a heartbeat. That junk drawer won’t clear itself.


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