5 Ways to Decorate with Copper

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Although copper has been around for thousands of years, it is now becoming a popular trend in home decorating. Due to its rich rustic color, it can brighten up and add warmth to any room in your home. Here are five creative ways to decorate with copper.

1. Kitchen accessories

For many households, the kitchen is often the most popular room in the home. To give your kitchen a warm and cozy feeling, you can add copper accessories throughout. One way you can decorate your kitchen with copper is by adding a pot rack with hanging copper pots or pans as decorations.

Hang the rack over a stove, kitchen island, or even along a kitchen wall. You can also add copper hardware such as cabinet and drawer handles to match the hanging pots.

2. Wall décor

Adding wall décor made of or with copper is another way to incorporate the gorgeous metal into your home. You can turn one of the walls inside of your living room or bedroom into an accent wall using copper tiles or accessories. With the copper tiles, you can cover the entire wall with tiles or cover only half depending on your preference and budget. For accessories, you can add pieces such as a mirror with a copper frame or create a wall display using cooper plates with engraved designs.

3. DIY Penny Projects

If you are into creating your own decorative pieces, you can use pennies to make your own copper décor. For this type of project, you will need a bunch of shiny pennies, a high-quality sealant to glue on the pennies, and the piece that you are decorating.

To keep the cost low for this project, you can buy a piece to decorate from a thrift store or use something that you already own such as plate or bow. Some other popular DIY projects include covering a countertop with pennies or creating your own penny accent wall.

4. Copper Fixtures

You can add a touch of copper to any room of your home by installing copper fixtures.

Lighting and sink faucets are the most common copper fixtures added to most homes. For lighting, you can purchase modern fixtures to install in the ceiling or hang from your walls. If you prefer an antique look, you can search local flea markets or antique stores for some potentially beautiful, quality finds.

5. Decorative Copper Items

If you prefer to buy instead of making and/or installing your own copper décor, you can simply go shopping. Many retail stores and outlets malls have home décor departments that feature stylish copper accessories. For your bathroom, you can find items such as copper toothbrush holders and mirrors. For your living room, you can find stylish items to add such as copper vases and table centerpieces.

As you can see, there are several ways that you can decorate your home using copper. All you need to do is select the right style for you.


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