5 Ways To Decorate With Wine Corks

wine corks

Wine corks are design elements as well as stoppers for glasses of wine. What do we mean? Take a look at these 5 examples.


We dipped our toes in the world of decorating with wine corks once before, but we’re dedicated to using those bottle stoppers that would normally just go in the trash.

After all, wine corks are one of the most versatile craft project accessories. Use these creative ideas to make every glass of wine one step closer to your next DIY masterpiece.

Cork board

A cork board made out of wine corks? It’s not only a genius decorating idea; it’s practical, too. Just find a frame you like and glue corks inside until it’s full to each edge.

You can use different arrangements to create a look you like, whether it’s a square grid or a zigzag pattern. Then, use push pins to stick notes, cards, and other items to your creative cork board.

Monogram letters

A monogram letter makes for gorgeous décor in any home. And when you make it out of wine corks, it adds an extra personal touch. First, find a base to create your desired letter.

wine cork decor wall monogram

(image: missyward)

You can use a letter-shaped frame (as pictured above) and fill it with corks for a quick and easy DIY project. Another option involves using a wood letter base from a craft store. For these, just glue whole corks on to the letter to create a basic outline, then cut corks to fit into the remaining gaps.

Placecard holders

Whether it’s for a small dinner party or a huge wedding, wine corks make the cutest (and easiest) DIY placecard holders. Whip out your X-ACTO knife and cut a thin strip from one side of the cork.

This lets it lie flat on its side on a tabletop. Place the cork down on the flat side and cut a slit along the top. That way, you can simply slip the placecards in the slit and line them up as necessary.


A trivet made from wine corks is both stylish and practical. The corks are perfect for protecting your table surfaces from hot items. Plus, they look lovely on any dinner table, so you can use them both in the kitchen and in the dining room.

wine cork trivet

(image: Barta IV)

This is also one of the easiest crafts to make. Just place a line of glue down the side of one cork and connect it to another. Keep building on your creation by gluing on more corks until you reach the desired size. You can make it nice and round or go for an artistic, freeform shape.


This is another job for your X-ACTO knife. Draw a small symbol, like a star, a heart, or a letter, on the bottom of a wine cork. Then, use your knife to cut out the cork surrounding the design, making sure to go at least ¼ inch deep. Then, use an ink pad to turn it into a stamp!

Just thinking about your next project

Who said drinking is a waste of time? At BuildDirect, we know you’re just working on your next craft project (wink). Use these ideas or make some crafty creations of your own using your leftover wine corks.







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